Jeff Besgrove started out using NCR reports and quickly realized he had to computerize. After trying a Word-based system, he switched to Porter Valley. He soon discovered the Porter Valley software he had purchased was a "nightmare" for him. After advice from a knowledgeable local inspector, he obtained 3D Inspection System software instead, and got his reports done quickly with great referrals. UPDATE: Jeff has retired from the home inspection business.  Best wishes to you Jeff!

Jeff Besgrove Certified Inspector“I have been in the inspection business for four and one half years. When I started after training, I was using the old written report with four NCR copies. It did not take long to realize this was not the way to go since I could not read my copy, the last copy. I purchased a tablet laptop and was using the same report but in a word document. After awhile I was having computer problems emailing the reports due to receivers email box size restrictions. In addition, I noticed that more calls were coming in about sections that I knew I checked and rated but were not in the final report. My connection with the realtors was declining due to these issues. I was spending a lot of time after an inspection to review the reports to head off any issues, sometimes an hour or more.

So my search began- it took several weeks to look at the variety of software on the market, over whelming! I actually purchased Porter Valley’s system. When I went through it with the developer, it looked so easy to edit and add comments to the library. When I received it and installed the software, it was a nightmare. I knew it would be a long time before I could use it in the field. Granted I am far from a computer person so I really was looking for easy entry that even I could work with. A few days after installing the software I spoke with a local inspector that has been using 3-D software. He showed me how easy it was to enter comments customize features, edit and insert pictures. I immediately contacted 3-D to see how to obtain the software and get going. Luckily, I had a 30-day return policy on the other software and proceeded to return it that day.

I have been using 3-D since June of 2008. I no longer spend large amounts of time after an inspection checking on the entries, editing and difficult insertion of pictures. When I get back, I insert pictures with ease. If a condition I do not have as a comment in the library is found, I can now insert it in the report in the field in seconds! The 3–D system was ready to go out of the box!

I have received nothing but positive comments from clients and realtors on how easy the report is to read and understand. The warning symbols are a huge advantage that have reduced and almost eliminated the callbacks from buyers and realtors- they know what I am saying! When I enter a condition, I know it will stay in the report. I believe that my potential for a developing legal situation is reduced due to the easy readability and the layout of the report minimizes my missing a component. I have had realtors come back to me and using my services- telling me it is because of the ease of doing business with me and the comments other realtors in the office have made after an inspection about the report.

It has been a pleasure to work with the staff at 3-D support. They always get to you and do everything they can to help. It truly feels that my success is their success.”

Jeff Besgrove, President
Cellar to Ceiling Home Inspection Services
Hartland, WI