A handful of unsolicited comments we've received specifically about our mobile apps:

  "Cloud is awesome."

          - Chris G., California

   "3D FOR ANDROID IS AWESOME!! I can't believe I've been walking back and forth to a laptop to type. Now I just speak the words into the phone and snap a picture of any defects as I go. A little edit check at the office at the end of the day and I'm done. One of my goals this year was to work smarter, not harder... this is a huge step in that direction. Thanks 3D!"

          - Matt M., Idaho

 "Just want to send out a "love note". The software has been working wonderfully for quite a while, and we are putting out FABULOUS reports! We are operating on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4--very nice phone-works well with 3D software. ... Thanks again!"

- George K., Michigan

"Just used the cloud for the first time today and love it. TY. "

- Randy P., Pennsylvania

"I completed my first cloud 3D Inspection yesterday, and it's just fantastic. I applaud your creativity, hard work and applied imagination to bring such a product into our industry. I'm looking forward to using it again today. I've been using your software since early 1998, and from the very beginning until now, 3D is the best."

- James H., North Carolina

"I have to say that 3-D has "nailed it" when they released the app for Android tablet devices... keep up the good work! I have worked with several other inspections software, but none even comes close to what 3-D has developed... Increased efficiency always makes sense for the business minded... Time is money. Right ? Life is short"

- Robert M., California

"Just wanted to tell you how good you are. Have successfully installed and test run Android App on my phone - Feels awesome. The linking is so much easier than the old activesync and early pda. Having a camera and not having to double handle photos is just so much easier."

- David S., New Zealand

"I just wanted to first say I love love the new phone application I have used it for a few weeks now and I can not tell you how impressed I am. Thank you for such a great product. "

- Ted H., Delaware

"I have done 200+ inspections with it. It is absolutely GREAT.  I have always had exceptional comments from my clients and agents about the way my reports look and are laid out.  I have even gotten several inspections because clients have seen a sample report on my website. Anyhow, so far I love it.  It saves me time in writing the report."

- Steve C, Georgia

"I don't have to use a data plan and... The quality of the photos is much better than the old handhelds."

- Bret K, New Jersey

"Having the photographs and ratings as I am performing the inspections has decreased the office portion of the process from 45 minutes per inspection (average) to 10 minutes or less!  I would definitely recommend the android application to other inspectors!"

- Kelly R, California

 "Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. I've been a 3D user for over 11 years and 7500+ inspections. I've used your program with pen tablets, notebooks, and CE programs. The... mobile app is by far and away the great tool I use. To have full access to my inspection data base and the camera in one device is awesome. "

- Rob W, Colorado

"I am now using 3D and the Cloud on my Verizon phone and it is the hottest thing since sliced bread. No more computer to carry or importing photos after the fact. I use the phone and 3D to gather the information and the phone's camera to capture photos directly into the report, finish the report, launch it into the Cloud and back to my office for final review then PDF to the client. That PDF document is auto "bookmarked" for the major sections of the report... pretty cool stuff man!!!"

- Joey L, California

"FYI: Love the app"

- Dale H, Alabama

"Just to let you know your team is awesome... I love this newer phone more now...Thanks again for all your team is doing."

- Alen M, Utah

"Great enhancement to your software capabilities. Thanks."

- Warren T, Connecticut

"I absolutely love the Cloud service with the 3D. Thank you."

- George G, Massachusetts

"Awesome App... I'm completely blown away by how easy 3D has made it...  I can't wait to get my reports done in half the time and still have a life after report writing. All I can say is , Thank You !  ... 3D has trounced the competition by allowing you to take a picture next to the comment right from your phone and upload it right to your desktop for converting to a PDF .  The closest thing I have seen is Homegauge will let you put a "placeholder" and you need to add the pic later on. Well done 3D, Kudos for a job very well done."

- Dov H , New York

"I'm impressed with how quick it works and the photos are much better."

- Joe H , California

"I have been using the phone for about 3 weeks. I love it."

- Steve C, Georgia

"I am no longer using my [Pocket PC] PDA and switched to using only my Samsung smart phone and love it.... I like that it puts the photo where you want it. This is a good thing!  It seems a bit faster especially when scrolling thru menu items etc. "

- Bob P, Michigan

"I really like the 3D interface and how easy the pictures go into the report, this is very smooth. You guys did a good job. The upload and download of reports through the cloud works effortlessly."

- James F, Washington

"I must say that overall I do like the new system."

- Jamie M, Florida

"I am up and running... What a great program! "

- Rob F, California

"I just did my first inspection... and liked it... really like it. "

- Paul B, Canada