When submitting a ticket to support, or adding a comment to an existing ticket, you may use the Attachments area to include certain types of files to aid troubleshooting (such as gif, png, jpg, pdf, zip, txt, r3d, w3d, 3df, dat, ltp)
For help with report formatting, attach these files (Access files using report writer Preferences > Preferences, File Locations tab Data location, usually Documents\3D Inspection System 11\ ):
a) pagesettings.dat file from your data folder.
b) header/footer document .W3D file listed in report writer File > Page Setup, General.
c) index document .W3D file listed in report writer File > Page Setup, General.
d) A PDF printout showing the problem.  Please mention the page and section.
e) Your original .r3d report file having the problem.  Close report before uploading.
f) A 3DF backup of your forms.  In report writer File > Custom Form Studio, right-click your form group and choose Backup/Distribute to create a 3DF
You may wish to zip data files before attaching:
In the report writer Preferences > Preferences, File Locations tab, choose "Open Folder" for Data files.  Leave File Explorer open, but cancel the Preferences window and close the 3D software.
In Explorer, hold the CTRL key to select multiple files.  Once the desired files are selected/highlighted, depress CTRL and right-click one of the highlighted items.  Choose Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder.  Enter a name for your compressed or zip file.
When submitting your question to 3D, use Attachments to Browse to the folder and select the ZIP file you created.