Every software offers different features and abilities and varied ongoing costs. Which software you should purchase really depends on what you really need and how you use it. So while looking around, consider which items are crucial to you, and whether the software you are considering provides the main options you need, but without making you pay needlessly for extra options that are largely just flash in the pan.  Consider how important these types of features are to your needs:

  • Allows universal "Ratings" to be used to enhance visibility for various inspection items.  A limited number of check boxes, circles, or icon columns on final narrative inspections can aid client comprehension.
  • Assign items to alternate print categories, allowing you to inspect by room, but print your report by system category. For instance, inspect normally room-by-room, but your final report prints Electrical items together, Plumbing items together, etc.
  • Easily scroll through report items without switching window to window or having to close popups while collecting field data.
  • Easily customizable report and document templates; edit and customize them as you prefer, or create your own.
  • Edit your report form comments "on the fly" while collecting field data. Add new standard narrative comments for future use or replicate inspection items or sections, all while writing your report!
  • Create multiple report layouts and easily choose between them for a job at hand. Great for inspectors who produce different types of inspections.
  • Insert multiple images per report item, without leaving blank spaces if you don't insert images.
  • Only items you use or enter print. If you don't fill it in, the section automatically omits itself from your final report without extra space, or require you manually remove the section or enter N/A.
  • Multiple ways to provide the report to your client: Printed reports, PDF for emailing, or web delivery FREE OF CHARGE for your client to download, bypassing any troublesome file size limits set on email. Others may charge extra to upload your report to their website portal, or require add-on service levels.
  • Choose easy font and color styles for consistency throughout your report.
  • Auto-merge your logo and company information, and job information into areas you can customize or specify.
  • Attach documents like report summaries easily, and edit further if desired.
  • Create time saving single-click action shortcuts for common functions or to visit common pages.

3D software includes these features, and additionally 3D gives you the power to:

  • Integrate with QuickBooks Pro accounting software (Premier version only)
  • Produce sales reports by client or agent
  • Integrate with certain third-party online scheduling services.
  • Email reports and invoices directly from 3D using your SMTP settings.
  • Draw or include sketches or schematics to point out areas of concern.

In addition to features, consider how much your ongoing cost will be.  Most software seems comparable for initial use, but many find they are paying the same large amount year after year for continued use.   Find out what your 2, 3, or 5 year cost will be, and what if you expand your company to include additional inspectors.

Also, don't forget that 3D has a 60-day money-back guarantee. If at anytime within 60 days of purchase your are dissatisfied, just return the software for a full refund.

If these features are important to you, then 3D Inspection System may be the right software for you. Please contact our Sales department for clarification and details on any of these features: 800-745-6126