Some have complained about the intrusiveness of Microsoft trying to force everyone to use a Microsoft account, OneDrive, when setting up Windows and indeed with each new Windows updates Microsoft has started hiding the options they prefer you not use in efforts to get folks to be beholden to their services.

Others have complained because of options chosen at setup this is causing huge latency issues, especially if OneDrive is storing all their files in the cloud and not locally, or just the constant synchronization slowing everything down.  Although one may adjust OneDrive settings to disabling them or set files or folders like Documents or sub folders used by 3D software to always remain local for Offline use, some would prefer to just use a clean local account for Windows and then selectively use or add-in OneDrive and other options.

If you wish to use a local account instead of a Microsoft account initially on a computer after resetting it completely in Windows to a clean state, it can be done this way (Although Microsoft tries to hide the options to force people to use Windows the way they prefer, the ability to use a local Windows account is still available- the trick is to set up windows First without internet- you can later add internet and other live accounts, etc.).  Note that they may further change this in future updates, but here's how to set up a local account on clean Windows for now:

Search for Reset in Windows, launch Reset this PC.
Tap Get Started.
Choose "Remove everything"
If prompted in Additional settings, "Just remove your files. This is quicker, but less secure" is fine unless you are selling or giving the computer away. Next.
Tap Reset

After it resets, choose your language and locale (e.g. English, US, US), Skip on second keyboard unless applicable.
At Let's connect you to a network, use option in lower left "I don't have internet" (this makes it easy to set up a local account, and one can always easily connect to wifi later)
Use lower left "Continue with limited setup" on next screen.
Agree to EULA
Assign a user name and password as desired and choose Next.
Activity listing, choose No
Digital assistant, Decline
Privacy settings as desired.

That's it. You now have a local account in Windows. You may of course sign in to use online services from Microsoft later as desired, or add Microsoft accounts as Windows profiles, but your base account is at least local at that point.
You may tap the globe icon in the system tray to access wifi options to connect to the internet.


Note that some have reported or seen automated prompts or notices that can also inadvertently enable items you may not want always enabled, so be sure to read what you are agreeing to set up and don't blindly just click Yes to items.

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