Housing Rehab Scope Of Work

Category: Report Writer 4 years ago
Has anyone created a Scope of Work report for providing to General Contractors to use to provide bids for the work?  If so can you describe your experience in using 3DInspection for doing this?
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    by » 4 years ago

    I think some might use the summary feature for that, as often those are the items that the client/buyer wants repaired. This topic has some tips about creating a separate document report based on an original report summary, for secondary purpose: https://3dinspection.com/en/tips-and-tricks/easily-re-inspect-based-on-summary.html

    One could even create a separate master Scope of Work document with a summary field to merge in those item and then edit further as needed or desired, or simply preview and save to PDF or email directly to the contractors.

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