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Category: Report Writer 2 years ago
I was using 3d inspection software 11.2.4 with windows 7, I was able to import my photos from an sd card, when inserting the card a small window would pop up and all I would have to do is put in the property address and press import and all my photos would be imported into 3d thumbnails and cover image, very easy. Can this be done with this version and windows 10. Now using 12.2.4 and windows 10. Now when I insert the sd card I have to go to my picture library and select the sd card file to import my pictures and they are imported into my thumbnails, when I press the cover image to insert a cover photo, there are no photos and I have to go back to my picture library and import into cover images. This does not seen correct to go back and forth. Can anyone help me with this and let me know the fastest and easiest was to import photos. Thanks you for your time. Tony
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    by » 2 years ago

    Perhaps there's some difference in how different Windows transfers over your photos, or your camera software settings for image transfer on one computer vs. the other.  However the bookmark feature may be used to quickly match up photos taken with a separate camera, so they may be quickly inserted once your photo folder is selected-

    Of course if you have a phone or tablet, why not just use the mobile app to take most pictures directly into the report where you want them in the first place, especially any cover image- just swipe in for the menu on the app and choose Cover Photo. Most mobile device cameras these days are pretty good compared to the ones from years ago.

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    by » 2 years ago

    The 3D Mobile Inspector app can even be used on a Windows 10 computer as well to directly take pictures into it.  Some run both the desktop program and mobile app on the same computer.

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