Hi Everyone! I uploaded a report template to the cloud, and was unable to download the completed inspection back to my computer (Error Message: "The job specified in the inspection no longer exists. Could not be located"). I can't find the .r3d file on my pc after my computer crashed, and its 'probably a long shot, but is there any way to retrieve this inspection? Thank you for any advice.
  • Re: Error Message - "The job specified in the inspection no longer exists. Could not be located".

    by » 5 months ago

    You wouldn't find a completed .r3d if it wasn't able to locate the job to create and convert into that file in the first place.  So the report is probably still listed on the cloud server.

    Are you using the same computer that originally sent up the mobile file? If not, that would explain the message that it cannot locate the job, and the solution would be to use the original computer that sent up the report to retrieve it back again. If you then needed to work on the inspection on another computer afterward, you could copy the .r3d report file from the data folder on the first computer to the other one and then open it from the report writer file menu there to continue working.

    Otherwise if it is the same computer that originally uploaded the job, could someone in the office have deleted the original job from Office Management or changed the Job Name? If the job name was merely changed, then changing it back to exactly match the report name again and resaving the job may resolve the problem, after which you may try retrieving again. But if the job had been deleted, you'll want to send a ticket to tech support with the details about what happened so they can assist further.  Mobile reports are definitely a lot easier to try to recover if they were on the Microsoft cloud server at some point, than if something went wrong with a desktop only report that was created directly there, so I'm sure support can assist further if the above suggestions are not the solutions.  Use the ticket form on 3D's website to reach support under Contact if you need their further help.

  • Re: Error Message - "The job specified in the inspection no longer exists. Could not be located".

    by » 5 months ago

    Thanks for your reply yesterday. If the original report was deleted, would the report in the cloud sync back to a new report created with exactly the same name?

  • Re: Error Message - "The job specified in the inspection no longer exists. Could not be located".

    by » 5 months ago

    I assume you mean "Job" in Office Management?  And not an actual report itself.  Linking between a job and mobile report is done internally in addition to the job name, so if a job was actually deleted from Office Management, tech support assistance would be needed to fix.  But it would have to be pretty deliberate to delete a job since it usually prompts one whether one is sure.  Probably most folks would only delete a job if it canceled and they did not expect it to ever be rescheduled, while others might simply mark it as canceled.

    But if an actual report file that is linked to a job were deleted from windows you probably could restore it from the recycle bin.  Or if a job name was renamed and that broke the link to a report, whether mobile or regular, renaming the same job record back again should restore the link.  But if a report were deleted from the cloud server listing accidentally instead of retrieved, or somehow is no longer listed there, then again tech support assistance would likely be needed.

    As far as re-using a job/report name in cloud that was used in the past, with a new job, each report name needs to be unique.  It wouldn't let you uploading a new report using the same name as one that had already been completed, but that makes sense because you wouldn't want issues with something trying to overwrite inadvertently data, for instance when retrieving back.  You would get a different message in that case though.

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