If you get an "Out of memory. Try lowering image quality." message when using the Phone3D menu option to Insert Image from photos taken outside of 3D, your device may be defaulting to a manufacturer provided image listing app instead of Google's Gallery app used previously on most Android devices.

Device manufacturers may provide alternate camera and image viewing type apps, however just like the choice of which camera app to use for taking photos, you usually have an option as to which app to use to list or display images taken separately with the camera. Memory use by various apps may of course vary.

If you experience the above issue, the solution is likely to use a different image viewing/listing app to import from:

  • After choosing the menu Select Image option in Phone3D, and your images are displayed, tap the menu icon (usually has three bars and resembles a hamburger).
  • Use Open From to choose "Gallery" or "Photos" if you have that available, instead of the default image display app. If these alternatives are not available, you may need to install the free Google Photos app from the Play Store to add it.
  • Then simply select your image through the Gallery or Photos apps instead to import it into Phone3D.
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    If you ever need to reset a default selection, where the device is always automatically using a particular app to launch/access various files or items, like photos, browser, or other media types for completing an action, you may reset it this way:

    Go to Settings > Apps.

    Locate the app current launching the item that you don't want used automatically.  You may have to switch to view All apps.  Select the app and view App info, and choose "Clear Defaults".


    If the app is a built in one and not listed, you may have to use ... menu > Reset app preferences to clear all and make the option to choose which app to use available again then next time.

    If you only have one app available for launching the item, you'll have to install other options of course to get a choice on how to complete the action.



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