It is possible to use the Google Keyboard or Android Keyboard, which are the same thing technically, to give yourself a microphone option on the keyboard on your android phone. That way when you need to enter custom comments in mobile, you can speak into the phone without having to type it all out using the keyboard on screen, though you may need to edit anything the Voice Typing doesn't understand properly, but it will help a lot compared to typing it.


If your phone comes with something else, such as an LG keyboard like my phone does, you can go to the Play Store and download the Google Keyboard app for free to add the voice typing option to your phones keyboard. This option would also work anywhere else you use the on screen keyboard on your device, so you can use it to text or email on your phone as well, or in other apps.

Here is a direct link to the Play Store download page for the Google Keyboard app if you are viewing this on a handheld android device currently . 


If you download and install Google Keyboard the following are the steps (also at the link above) that I used to enable it on my android device.


-Language and Input
-Tick Google Keyboard(English US)
-Tick Google Voice Typing


If you have an older device with the Android Keyboard I found a video here explaining how to turn on the voice typing/voice to text option.



I have also tested this in airplane mode to simulate a situation where there is no internet signal or data connection of any kind available for your device and it still works in mobile as well. You would just need to have the Google Keyboard app installed prior to going on site without a data connection.

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