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Illegal character error in my report when trying to upload. Illegal Argument Exception: SerializeForms Serialize Headings Mt Write Tag 'Exposed Sl' illegal charachter [U+6

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    by » 6 years ago

    Hello Nigel,


    Such issue only occurs in the mobile app on a rare occasion, and would prevent someone from even getting it back to the cloud.  So essentially the report is stuck on mobile until the problem character gets removed. However the message is actually an error trap, providing the user or tech support a clue WHERE it is happening (based on the string of information indicated in the message) so you can try to locate it in the mobile app if you know which field contained that abbreviation or comment, or by previewing, in order to find the problem field in the app to remove the info there, or all text and then reenter it (if the character is an invisible one).  In addition the app, it adds the *ERROR designation to that field as well, upon each upload attempt, to make it easier to spot in the report body information.


    The underlying issue is that it cannot serialize the information to store it back into  the report in order to upload due to the problem character, so location and removal is the only solution there.

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