I have an overide print layout installed on a category in the report which prohibits that section from printing in the report.  I cannot figure out how to remove this in the custom form studio so I don't have to do it manually every time I write a report.  Is there some other place I can remove the over ride so that it is a permanent setting for the category?

  • Re: Removing an Overide Print Layout

    by » 6 years ago

    Hello Mike,


    I'm not quite sure what the exact problem you're having is. If you open your form in Custom Form Studio you can add a print override to a Heading or Subheading. You can also mark a Heading or Subheading as invisible on inspection if you don't want it to print. You can select another category for a Subheading or make a new category to make a subheading appear in a different category at final printing. All of these would be permanent but you would need to right click your form group and select compile form group after making the desired changes. If you get any errors during compilation then you will need to resolve those errors so the form group can successfully compile and impact future reports.

  • Re: Removing an Overide Print Layout

    by » 6 years ago

    Hello Mike,


    I believe I misunderstood your issue previously. If you need to remove a print override then do the following: (Note: If you remove a print override in the focus version of 3D then you will not be able to add the print override back except by restoring an older version of the forms if you have an older version)

    Open Custom Form Studio

    Select the subheading with the print override you want to remove

    Where it says Override Print layout select the browse button. A new window will open.

    Where it says select template delete all the text.

    Select save. Select OK for the dialog box pop-up.

    Now the print override is removed. Don't forget to compile your form group to make the change take place for future reports!

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