If Office Management job information is not merging into the report writer or word processor, check these items:


1. Is the inspection report *linked* to the Office Management job record? To find out, select the job in Office Management. Is the "Open Inspection" button available? If so use it to reopen the inspection to make sure your current job information will link and merge properly.  Note that if you changed or added information to your job after the report was previously opened, you will need to reopen it fresh from its job in Office Management so it can use it.


The "Job Name" or Job Name + invoice item for the job in Office Management has to macth the inspection report, and the job has to be opened or started from Office Management to *link*.  If the Job Name or Job Name-Invoice item combination does not exactly match the report filename, then it won't link. To solve, you may change the Job Name field to match your actual report filename (the part before the .R3D) or else rename the .R3D inspection file to match the Job Name assigned in Office Management (you might use Save As to save it under a new name, or rename the file in windows). After adjusting your report or Job name, Save the record in Office Management and then see if you can use Open Inspection to open the report. (you may have to move off and back on the job record to refresh the options)


If the job is linked and opened from Office Management, the job info usually replaces office management fields when a new document is attached to your inspection, when a document is previewed or printed, and into your inspection header, footer, or index when your inspection is previewed. The information would merge where office management fields have been included- see below.


- If your inspection report has narratives containing office management fields, you may have to re-select those to merge the now linked information.


- Where documents were already attached to your inspection before it was linked to your Office Management job, you may wish to right-click and Remove that document from the lower Attachments pane in the Report Writer and attach it fresh, or else insert Office Management fields and then close and reopen the document to merge information freshly, or else manually open and edit the existing documents from the lower Attachments pane.


2. Are appropriate merge fields included where you want the information to import? If your inspections are opened from Office Management and information isn't merging, perhaps the appropriate merge fields were not included in the master document, header, footer, or narratives for the inspection report. Without these fields, the program does not know you want to merge various data. Make sure Office Management merge fields/codes are included where desired in the master inspection forms or in document templates you use. Some inspection forms included with the software may already have fields included for importing certain data. Such narratives might be indicated by a "DB Import" or similar abbreviation and may be selected to import the data. If you want narratives to automatically import the data whenever a new inspection is created, set them as Defaults in your forms. Use the Modify button to edit the item and turn on "Default". To add fields to a document template, edit it and Insert...Office Management Fields in your master template where desired. Changes to a master document or header/footer are used when attaching new documents to inspections, or when printing or previewing.

Also make sure the report was re-opened from Office Management if you added or changed any job information after the report was last opened.


3. Is the information you want to import filled out for the job in Office Management System? Edit the job to make sure the data actually exists there in the fields set to import or merge. For instance if a contact name is not merging, do you have that contact attached to the job? If so, Edit the contact and see if the name portions have been completed, since often the separate client first and last name fields are merged into items.



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