My first page is mostly unchanged, only adjusted from the original 3D layout.  I have client info, address, etc all in "General info- subheadings in columns". Trying to change formats to "Normal" below, on the same page. Here I have paragraphs of info on permits and such sometimes. Realized the format does not change and the paragraphs show in the report in a column format. What do I need to switch?
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    by » 4 years ago

    If you are asking how to remove a special matrix template set up to print information in columns, so that the information prints normally like other items on the page instead, you may choose to remove the print override template so it prints using the normal printing style.

    To remove it, you'd want to click the item label in the report to view its properties. Click the Override print layout and remove the layout name from being attached there, and you'll want to likely want to "Modify in master forms" to make the change permanent in your master forms for the future. Click OK when done. You may need to do this for each subheading affected by the column printing. See if that resolves that area when previewing.

    If you find the same happens in other areas, you may need to check for a similar override template likewise.
    Once everything looks good, be sure to recompile the master forms to update them for future inspections so they don't have the templates attached. You may do this either directly in the Custom Form Studio, or upon exit of the software when prompted if you chose to "Modify in master forms" while in the report.

    If you have further questions or need further assistance, you'll want to send a ticket directly to Technical Support using the link on the contact page in the website menu.  I'd suggest including a PDF example of the report section and explain exactly what it is that you are trying to change.

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    by » 4 years ago

    So. It seems i had too big a form setup above  Soon as I made the grid small with just enough spots and normally fill them all in the format change works for below.  Thanks 

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