I have 3 inspectors in my company. We need to keep our Forms the same. I understand the easiest way is to copy and paste the Form files located in the 3D Inspection System 11 folder from the master set to each employees laptop when changes have been made. Which files do I need to copy and paste?  For example. I have a Form called New Default. Do I copy and paste all of the New Default files,( .3DC, .3DF, .BCK, .CFG, .set ) and the long list of .CFS files that make up that Form? Or is there an easier way?  
  • Re: Sharing Forms between inspectors - Using Dropbox or otherwise

    by » 4 years ago

    Well the easiest way would be to just use 3D Mobile Inspector apps to collect and return the inspection data to the main office computer. The mobile apps and Cloud3D Services are free for subscribers to use. When any new narratives are added on the fly to the forms in the mobile app, upon retrieval and conversion back to the desktop program it automatically prompts whether to add those to the master forms used by everyone. After such changes are compiled, new mobile reports automatically use the collective improvements. Nice and neat! The mobile apps can run on Android, iOS, or Windows 10.

    There shouldn't be any need for inspectors to run separate sets of data in the regular desktop program on separate computers, as that's only going to fragment information and get messy. But if someone really must transfer a report from the master computer to another machine for some reason to continue working in a separate program there, one only needs to transfer the .r3d report file, which has its job information embedded for merging attachments with job and client information. One would want to remember to transfer the finished report back to the master machine later though. Either way one master machine should always be used to enter entering all initial job data, maintain the master forms and start reports, whether regular or mobile. Mobile of course is optional, but does make it easier.

    Now where a main office wants trusted inspectors to use to use the main desktop program to book jobs and/or create and complete reports, ideally one would just have a local IT person network several workstations together at their main office, each running one of the licenses right at the main office, all sharing the exact same data folders and database. Then inspectors may easily use either option. They may still use mobile to complete and return reports, and simply remote into their workstations from their own laptops or mobile devices as desired (Remote Desktop options are available these days for every platform) to do any work that might be needed in the desktop program. Or simply remote in from their own computers to work on non-mobile reports. Everything is then neatly organized and shared, all master information stays together at all times, and so forth.

    Those are the best ways to do it and never have to worry about anyone's data being different or ever getting out of sync. The HelpDesk Get Started pane of the main program includes information about networking, and of course tech support can assist with additional pointers with such setups as well if needed.

    As for randomly copying files directly in Windows, that's a terrible idea and bound to cause problems later. If one really must move data files from one computer to another, one should at least use the built in backup options to backup and restore or install the various items desired. Even the custom forms studio has its own backup/distribute options. Usually data only needs transferring to share with third parties, or when retiring a main computer that has all your data and switching to a new one. Normal full backups of course should be made using the built-in program options on a regular basis anyway and stored off the computer, perhaps on a thumbdrive or cloud storage for safe keeping in case one ever has a computer or hard drive problem- https://www.3dinspection.com/tips-and-tricks/safeguarding-your-important-3d-inspection-system-data.html

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