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I will be sharing a formset that I want to lock others from altering. How is the best way to do so?
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    Hello, Jeff.  Once you have an independent Branch license there are additional options for that.  However without a branch license, the most appropriate way to protect your forms is to just have the inspector use only the 3D Mobile Inspector app to receive and return inspection reports.  If only using the mobile app, this offers full protection as there is no way an inspector can directly access or purloin any report or inspection sent to mobile or even moonlight on the side. The report using your master forms and all its data including photos taken into the report is neatly packaged together and transferred wirelessly from any location, making it the ideal way for inspectors to be assigned jobs to complete and return without having to come into the office at all.  It cannot be extracted separately.  Your main office simply assigns the jobs, uploads them to the inspector and he retrieves them using the sub account login you set up for his use in mobile (which you control and may change or remove at any time).  The nice thing too is if the inspector wants to add or propose a stock comment for future use in the master forms while inspecting he may choose to add a new master Narrative (vs. simply adding custom comments for a specific job), and when you retrieve the reports, it prompts you whether to optionally add such statement to the master forms for future use, and/or adjust it further as you see fit.  This leaves you in complete control over your master forms, and all inspectors are able to optionally contribute to improvements to the forms.

    However whether or not the inspector uses the mobile app, where another computer is used by an inspector to either do something further with the retrieved report or if not using mobile simply work on assigned inspections on a separate computer, all the jobs should be added and booked in the master office database. If using mobile, the normal work flow applies, with the job being send and retrieved back into the main machine. Afterward, the retrieved report .r3d could be then transferred to another machine for an inspector to complete if so desired. In the case of only using the other computer to complete inspections in the desktop program, a new report would still be started from the main computer, and then just that .r3d report file would be transferred over to the other computer's data folder. Without the master forms, this generally prevents moonlighting with your customized content.

    So for example, if you book a job and create a report called 12345 (or retrieved back into the main office machine from mobile once the inspector has completed it there on site), that 12345.r3d file would be found in the data folder, usually Documents\3D Inspection System 11\
    It could then be copied from the data folder of the office machine to the data folder of the other computer, perhaps by USB drive. One could even feasibly transfer the report via a cloud storage like Dropbox or similar if one doesn't want the inspector to return to the office and he is using a specially protected license.

    This protects a main office's data, since there is no need to transfer over Office Management data containing your jobs and agents, nor any master inspection forms. Instead the inspector on the laptop would switch directly to the Report Writer area using the Actions pane, and use File > Open Inspection to access the .r3d report file he receives to open and work on it. When the report was created by the main office computer, the job information was embedded into the file so that even if opened apart from the original database, it could still merge job and client information into the report as well as attachments such as summary and so forth, thus allowing an inspector to complete or even deliver an inspection, but without your full company database.  When finished, he may return the .r3d to your office to go back to the master office data folder, or any alternative achieve folder desired for safe keeping.

    The report itself would have been created using your custom master forms from the main office. But without needing to transfer over any master inspection forms for starting reports directly on the laptop, that setup protects a main office from having their customized source forms possibly purloined by an inspector later, or the inspector from moonlighting by creating brand new fresh inspections using your custom content.

    Now if you instead obtain a branch license that allows an inspector to maintain a separate database of jobs and start inspections directly, then the support department can advise further on how to protect those appropriately so an inspector can still use them while yet working more independently.

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