In Report Writer, I copied a heading using the Add/Copy feature which did what I wanted it to do and added a duplicate of that section. However, in the new added section, when I right-click any field and select Customize Form Content, instead of opening the Form Studio, it gives me this message: "Error: The file specified is already in use". Here's what I've tried so far: Save; Compile; in CFS - right-clicked the Form Group and compiled forms; did a backup; after that, closed everything and reopened, but still the same.  Thanks for the help.

  • Re: Error: The file specified is already in use

    by » one year ago

    Marty, normally if you're just replicating a section on the fly, that wouldn't go into the master forms.  After all one can easily replicate Heading or subheading sections any time on the fly in desktop and even easier in mobile by long pressing the area label to copy.

    So probable the message is because either the area doesn't exist in the master forms, or the section is already open for editing in the taskbar.

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