With the new android update to Android 11, I could no longer select the 3rd party camera "Annotation Camera" from the 3d mobile inspector app and am forced to use the default phone camera. I need to annotate the photos and need time stamp which is not possible with the default phone camera. The 3d app lacks camera feature of it s own and I am using the Annotation camera as recommended by 3D. The only way to do now is to take photos using the Annotation Camera and insert them in the 3D app for every photo which is really annoyingly time consuming when taking hundreds of photos in a day. I had to go and buy a new phone spending $2000 which had the older version of android (10) and switch off the update to android 11. 3D inspection must do something about this.
  • Re: Mobile App Camera issue in Android 11

    by » 3 years ago

    I'd recommend sending your question or request directly to 3D's support department here, so it can reach the proper department: http://www.3dinspection.com/applink/tech

    Unless you're just looking for any other suggestions or alternatives from other inspectors in the user forums here.

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    by » 3 years ago

    339 people have hit this forum/issue in the past 5 months.  Because of the upgrade with android to version 11 you can no longer use annotation while in 3D (verison 10 is fine but if you upgrade to 11 you can't use annotation in your 3d mobile app).  This causes inspectors alot more time in the field when taking lots of pictures going out of 3d taking the picture in annotation then go back to 3d mobile app and insert the picture. When before you could be in 3d mobile click on the annotation camera take and edit your picture in one step.  I would love to hear from other inspectors who have experienced this problem once upgraded and the time it has added to your day in the field. After talking with tech support 3d needs to hear from us on which camera editing apps you use the most so they can someday pick one picture one editing app to work specifically with 3d mobile.  Our vote is annotation camera.   I do know 3d mobile has the option to bookmark a photo and add it in later when you get to the office but again that takes more time.  It is so much better from the inspector point of view to have as much work completed in the field as possible leaving less time to work into the night late hours.   Thank you Shelton Home Inspections St. Petersburg, FL

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