Here are suggestions to create a sample report for use on your website or advertising


  • Create a mock job entry in Office Management to either start a new sample report, or to link to an existing inspection report saved to a new name. Redact the report and attachments of any real identifying client and job information, with such replaced by fictitious job and client information.  See steps below.
  • You may or may not choose to include additional attached documents as part of the sample report PDF. If certain attachments are integral to your signature look, you may wish to include them. If not, you may wish to omit them. You may choose to only include some of the inspection forms or items you typically complete in an inspection report if you wish. Your might be on the overall pleasing and professional look of the report.
  • Your final PDF sample report must be produced using the built-in PDF driver that comes with 3D Inspection System in order to include bookmarks and live weblinks to URLs automatically.


A) Office Management Job- Add a new mock job to OM for your report:

  • In Office Management, click Add New Job.
  • Enter a mock Job Name by using your first name and last initial followed by a dash and Sample (e.g. John B - Sample).
  • Enter fictitious client and job information.  Example for Client, use Ms Mary Brown, 123 Old House Lane, [your city, state, zip]
  • For Site address, use 456 Castle Avenue, [your city, state, zip]
  • Enter fictitious inspection date and time information, and if you typically merge other information into your reports or attachments you may wish to enter other fictitious information for those as appropriate.
  • Save when done.

B) Sample Report- Next create a sample inspection for your mock Job Name and fictitious job information.

Option 1: If you wish to create a brand new sample inspection for your mock job, select the mock job and use the Start a New Inspection activity in the right pane to do so, and create your new sample report as desired using the mock Job Name. Do not include any identifiable real job information, but use fictitious information.

Option 2: If you wish to save an existing inspection to your mock Job Name, use these steps:

  • In the 3D Inspection System software, locate and open the desired inspection report you wish to copy to a sample report.
  • In the Report Writer, click File > Save as to make copy of report to new name. Enter a filename exactly matching the mock Job Name you entered into Office Management earlier- your first name and last initial followed by dash and Sample (e.g. John B - Sample) as the new inspection name, and save to the new filename.
  • Afterward, click File > Close to close the new inspection.
  • Switch to Office Management, display your mock job and use Open Inspection to reopen the new sample inspection report to ensure proper linking. If not, you may need to rename the new sample report to match, or repeat the above steps.

C) Report Cleanup- If you have saved an existing inspection as your sample report (option 2), you must do the following report cleanup to redact any specific old job information:

  • Open the new sample inspection report.
  • Locate any areas in the report body where specific client or job information was merged or entered. This needs to be removed or replaced. If information was merged automatically via narrative menu selections you may delete the information and simply re-select the narratives to merge the new fictitious information (as indicated above) from Office Management.  Otherwise you may manually replace the information.
  • Click the lower Attachments pane, and right-click and Open any attached documents or files included there and replace any merged client or job information with your new fictitious information. Or you may opt to simply right-click and remove such attachments, and either attach them fresh to re-merge the new fictitious information from Office Management, or not attach them if you do not intend to include them with your sample report submission.

D) Create PDF- You are now ready to produce a final sample report PDF. You may produce your PDF one of two ways:

  • Option 1- Preview your report and using the Save > PDF option
  • Option 2- Print to "PDF Document" printer selection (you may wish to leave password field blank).

Tip: For efficiency if you find that your final PDF report is larger than 10 MB in size, you may wish to use report writer Preferences > Preferences, Images tab to select the Smallest PDF size image reduction option before producing your PDF. You might also choose to deselect any unnecessary attachments from the lower Attachments pane. You might also choose to omit or remove any unnecessary large images. Or you may choose to only include a limited selection of the inspection forms you typically use in a complete report.

You now have a PDF sample report to use as desired on your website to advertise your services.