Thursday, 09 June 2011

When the brand new mobile apps for tablets and phones and Cloud3D Services technologies were introduced last year, we originally anticipated needing to charge extra Cloud membership fees in order to recoup expenses incurred by 3D for Microsoft-hosted server usage.

Our original Cloud3D Services general information page FAQ clearly outlined that such fees were yet to be determined, but meanwhile users with a current subscription could use Cloud3D℠ Services for an initial promotional period at no charge.

After careful calculation, we have now made a decision about Cloud3D Services membership fees. We bear in mind that housing and other economies are still recovering, transport/oil costs have increased, and there may be an extended bumpy road ahead for inspectors to recover their businesses back to the level prior to the downturn. Not to mention we really dislike the messy and more stringent, nickel-and-diming "per report" type of fees we notice other mobile app developers are usually charging these days. We want progressive inspectors to grow their business as much as they can without penalty. May success be rewarded further! So although 3D Inspection Systems still does incur a cost to use the Microsoft-hosted servers (beyond our initial expense just developing the mobile apps we wanted to make available to inspectors at no charge), we have really great news for you!

At this time, we are pleased to announce to our Cloud3D promotional users that 3D Inspection Systems corporate has decided to absorb the cost of all transfers for current software subscribers each year for a normal average years worth of inspections*. We reserve the right to change this at a future time, or to charge a nominal overage fee for multi-inspection firms that greatly exceed the yearly average. This means that simply keeping your software subscription current will allow you cost-free use of mobile apps and report transfers*.
(*up to 500 inspections per calendar year, which is typically more than the average inspector would use).

Updated information to this effect has been posted on our general  Cloud3D Services information page. 
In addition to helping our inspectors re-grow their businesses, another integral benefit to this decision is that since regular software subscribers automatically receive program updates and upgrades during their subscription period, this ensures continued compatibility should any future adjustments ever be needed to Cloud3D Services, mobile apps, or related features or options.

Once again, 3D Inspection Systems continues to enhance the value of its products. Download and use the mobile apps for free, even on multiple phones with no extra licensing.  And now with Cloud3D Services provided free to subscribers!
We are very happy to be able to extend this gift to our valued users!

3D Inspection Systems, Inc.