The website was completely revamped with a fresh new look.  The cleaner user interface should be easier to read, and responsive for small screens, making it much easier to access the information you need on both your mobile and desktop devices, whether in the office or in the field.

As we restructure portions of the website, some content needed less often was relocated to declutter the main menus and page.  Some reorganization may continue now that the new website is online, so check back periodically.

What else is has changed?
You'll notice the new home page features easy links to User Community and Learning Portal areas, with easy access to the resources you need when you have a question or want to learn how to use a feature in the 3D software. Forums, contact forms, and other older items were replaced with newer ones for a fresh modern look and operation.  We also are implementing a new ticket system for support, and will be further fine-tuning some of the new options.  If you registered on the prior website to post on the forums or shop since December, you will need to please register again.
With the launch of our new website, several other projects had been delayed, but will also soon be underway, including more options planned for mobile reporting.  We're building the foundation for your reporting future!  Stay tuned for future announcements. 
Although we tried to catch them all, if you notice any links or items on the site not working that we overlooked, please feel free to send us a note.  And enjoy the new mobile responsive website!