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System Requirements

3D Inspection System desktop software may be used on a portable regular computer running traditional Windows, such as a laptop or Windows tablet-hybrid.

3D Inspection Systems also provides a companion 3D Mobile Inspector app for certain phones and tablets.  Find a model you like by checking online reviews, trying them at local computer stores, or ask fellow inspectors what they like best about the models they use.

See System Requirements page for information about compatible devices.

General Information About Companion Mobile Apps
Imagine inspecting a roof and finding cracked tiles. On your phone or tablet, you simply tap "Roof Covering" to jump to that area of your report and view common comments.  Tap "Cracked" to instantly add your previously prepared comment "Cracked roof tiles noted, recommend further evaluation by a roofing contractor."  With a single tap, you just filled in an entire comment. Tap camera and snap a photo to instantly include next to your comment. Now that's efficiency!

Feature Highlights:

  • Inspect using a compact, lightweight mobile device.
  • Use ANY custom forms from your 3D Inspection System desktop software, whether residential, commercial, pest, or others. You are not restricted to forms from the app designer.
  • Use your own custom statements and form layout!  Organize comments by component or inspection item, so you see exactly what you need and not unrelated statements!
  • Insert photos directly from device camera right where they belong, with no further work on your part.
  • Bookmark to jump back to an item later in your mobile device or back on your main computer.
  • Replicate items, rooms, or components while inspecting.
  • Before leaving the inspection, review non-inspected items, or preview report or summary items.

Send your inspection back to your main computer to add any final touches, merge your optional summary, and email or upload your inspection. Since you already collected your inspection information while on site, finish early and spend time relaxing.

For details about suitable devices for our special mobile apps, view our Version & System Requirements page.

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Try the mobile app interface on any compatible device by just installing the app on your tablet or phone.  The sample report merely demonstrates the interface, but you would use your own customized forms from your own purchased copy of 3D Inspection System software for actual use.