Your Android device may or may not automatically let you know when their are updates for your apps, depending on your settings and version of Android.

But it's still super easy to manually check for updates for installed apps, like 3D Mobile Inspector for example, to make sure you have the latest and greatest available for your device:

  • Open Play Store (formerly Market)
  • While in Play Store, tap the "Menu" option on your device and choose My Apps.
  • Android will display a list of your apps. Where there are newer available updates, you'll see red text indicating Update to the right of the app's name.
  • At this point, you may tap Update All at the top of the screen to update all your apps at once. Or you may prioritize updates and update a particular app individually by tapping it, and choosing Update. When updating an individual app, you may also have the option of setting it to allow automatic updating for the future.

It's that simple!

Bonus Tip: On phone or tablet, using the Settings option under menu may also provide general options about whether to receive automatic Notifications about updates, or to Auto-update all apps by default, as well as other options.