Some inspectors might prefer subheading labels followed by comments below  them, stretching all the way across the page.  Other might prefer subheading labels to the left and comments to the right, starting on the same line.  Your margin settings determine how these items format, and may be adjusted as desired.

Here's how it works. Comments will print on a line below the subheadings if the margins for your subheading and narrative text comments are overlapping so that there is not enough room to print both on the same line. When this happens, the program just automatically prints your items on separate lines (so no overprinting would occur for any long subheadings)

Some actually prefer having comments print below the subheadings, for instance, to print comments all the way across the page, instead of indented, ideal for when longer narratives are typically used. Thus some may purposely set margins to achieve this effect. For instance the "Narrative Simple Borders" layout that normally comes with 3D regular editions and may be quickly loaded via the Actions pane is set up that way, designed for reports containing longer narratives.

Conversely the "Checkstyle Basic Gray" layout that normally comes with 3D regular editions, also available on the actions pane is designed for shorter narratives that print alongside subheadings. One may easily load that layout in to use it. Or to adjust one's own custom layout, the solution is simply to adjust the subheading and narratives margins so they are not overlapping, so the program can print comments on the same line after printing the subheading label. Here's how to easily calculate the setting to adjust:

Use File > Page Setup icon to access your settings. Before making changes, you may want to use the Page Setups button to Save a layout template to save a copy of your current settings to a file that could always be reloaded if you decide you don't like newer adjustments and want to quickly revert back.  It's also a good idea to make sure you have a current backup of all files created using the Office Management File menu option.

Then in Page Setup in report writer, to adjust margins or other settings, click the corresponding tab for each item to view its settings. Note the settings for Subheading and Narrative Text. Add the Subheading Right Margin setting to the Narrative Text Left margin. If the total is 8.5 (your page width) or greater, then the margins do not overlap. If the total is less that 8.5, then they overlap, which you'll likely find to be the case if the comments are printing a line below. Then subtract that number from 8.5 (your page width) to find out what the difference is, and add that amount to either the Subheading Right Margin or Narrative Text Left margin to correct. (Or you can just add a tiny amount of space to either the Subheading Right Margin or Narrative Text Left margin, and Apply. If it still overlaps, add a tiny bit more.

Preview when done to confirm how settings would typically look for report elements. Save and Exit when done if you like the changes.