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Report content including your form name labels, headings, subheadings, and comment narrative text might ordinarily just print until the margin break and then continue wherever it happens to break onto a new page, since that's how page margins work. However it would usually be undesirable to have an item label or heading print at the bottom of a page, with its related comment printing completely on a new separate page. How can one solve that to prevent the label and comment from being orphaned or widowed?

Although 3D Inspection System Software is not an email client, it does have the ability to email items directly to contacts by means of your own SMTP email account. In order to do this you must first enter your outgoing SMTP Settings. If your emailing service does not support traditional SMTP emailing or has special restrictions you may or may not be able to use this option, or may need to first enable special settings in or for your third-party account.  One may of course also directly produce a PDF printout and attach that to an email in a third party service.

Subforms are a way to use the content of a form file within or as part of the structure of a main form in a form group. They can be used multiple times in one or more forms to repeat or "share" information.  This makes them useful for saving time when making or updating forms, since updating the contents of the form used as a subform automatically can update all areas where it is used or shared. Subforms are often used to replicate identical rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms, or other components where a report may need indentical repeated sections.  Since many items can be replicated on the fly as you inspect, it's good to only include the minimum number of items always used directly in the master forms to keep them as small and efficient as possible. 


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How has COVID affected your inspection or marine survey business?

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