Using the Phone3D companion app? Although using the app is super easy, here's a few extra general feature tips.

Navigation naturally is easy and works like other apps on your device. In a report, navigate to your forms by swiping them left and right and tap one to jump there. Quickly jump to a new heading in the current form by tapping the Heading bar. Flick up and down through your subheadings and select one to tap off its corresponding narratives pre-set in your forms. What about using your device in cold weather when you want to wear gloves? Get any stylus designed for a capacitive type screen and use that with your device instead of your fingers! Alternatively there are also special gloves designed to work with capacitive screens as well.

Add additional comments by tapping the comment field displayed below a subheading label. While editing comments, you may:

  • Simply add manual text that follows your selected narratives.
  • Import existing selected narratives to edit them further. Note that narratives remaining selected on the menu in Phone3D will import original master form comment, including any rich text formatting (colors, bolding, italics, etc) in your final report. But such rich text formatting can't be retained if comments are Imported for further editing directly in Phone3D. So if it's important to you to retain particular original style formatting and yet make further edits to a comment, you may wish to just bookmark it in Phone3D. Later flip through bookmarks after conversion to make final tweaks.
  • If your forms are set to automatically use Ratings to mark items for summary, this happens automatically when you tap the appropriate ratings. If your forms are not set to use ratings for summary, then you may manually flag a field for summary by tapping to edit comments and selecting the desired summary area. Any narratives pre-set for summary in such forms do so automatically when selected.

During normal navigation, your Next or Previous buttons move through your fields one at a time. Tap the additional options to change the "Navigate mode" when desired so that you may move Next through any Bookmarks you previously added to the report, or to move through inspected or not inspected fields. Similar to navigating through inspected or non-inspected items in the regular report writer, you may also remove a check from a subheading you have not "completed" in order to put it in the non-inspected category, even though it contains information. That way it will be included with other non-inspected items you might flip through to review before leaving the site.

Inserting images is truly a tap and snap! Tap the image icon to add a photo for the current subheading, and snap your photo. Phone3D's automatic integration with the camera puts the photo right where you want in report permanently. To include additional images for the same item, just tap the camera icon again and take your additional photo. Phone3D automatically copies the field as many times as needed to accommodate all your additional images. If your main program is set to use the special "below" image positioning by default, all your images for the same item neatly combine together in a row for that area at print time (See related video about printing images across the page in your main program HelpDesk). Although you never have to accept the photo from the camera until you are satisfied, you may remove an existing image from a report by tapping its thumbnail to view, and then choosing delete.

Additional options are available in Phone3D to copy headings or subheadings to replicate components while inspecting. Don't forget to print out the interface tips a handy guide to all the features. Learn more about navigation and other general options in our slideshow video.