Starting a new inspection, opening an existing inspection, or managing your jobs is easy.

Whether or not you use any special Office Management features, you should always enter minimal job information in your master Office Management to save steps later in the report writer when creating and merging job information.  Job information entered in Office Management also provides automatic search benefits as a side bonus.

1. First add or locate your job:

How to add a new Job (video included)

How to locate an existing Job (video included)

2. Once you select your job in Office Management, the job Details appear in the right side of the Jobs pane.

3. Choose an appropriate activity for your job to create or access inspections using the options at the bottom of the right pane.  Here's an overview of the options that might be listed:

- Start a New inspection creates a new regular final desktop type inspection file for the job. (Note: Do not use this option when using the mobile app.) Available Job Name or Job Name-Invoice items linked to your job are shown, along with available forms. Choose the desired one of each and click OK. Ignore unneeded invoice item names unless you need to use them to attach additional inspections to the same job (i.e. WDO, etc).

- Open Inspection accesses regular inspections previously created and linked to the job, or previously converted from the cloud.

- Create and upload mobile inspection for retrieval into a phone or tablet, along with inspection date and time information. When you are finished with the inspection on your mobile device and have sent it back to the cloud, you will later use the toolbar button “Retrieve Mobile Inspection” to convert it back into your regular program as a regular inspection. Note: Cloud3D Services must be enabled to upload/retrieve mobile inspections- See Mobile Apps information.

- Use Edit Job to view or update job information again in Office Management

- Use Delete Job to permanently remove the job from your Office Management records. Deleting a job does not delete contacts attached to the job, which might be used with other jobs. You may manage contacts separately using the Contacts option on the main screen pull down menu for Views.

4. Once you've used Start a New inspection or Open Inspection, the report writer area is open with your associated inspection report file.   If you have used Create and upload mobile inspection to send the report to your mobile app, see Mobile Apps information.