Some multi-inspection firms use "team inspectors", where multiple inspectors attend the same inspection and collect data for different parts of the building, rather than merely sending each inspector to separate jobs.  It's easy for each inspector to use the mobile app to collect their findings, and then merge those findings together later into one combined report.

Remember the Premier edition of 3D Inspection System is designed to handle multiple inspectors, while the Standard and Focus editions are intended more for the single inspector firms.  If you are using one of the latter editions, you may contact sales about upgrading your edition type to Premier to add additional multi-inspector features.  If you are unsure which edition you have installed, the Help > About 3D.. window will state "Premier" if you do have the Premier edition installed.

Make Sure you have Sub-Accounts properly set up

Whenever there are multiple inspectors, regardless of whether inspectors work separately or as teams, one should ALWAYS be using sub-accounts to assign inspectors, including oneself, to jobs and send them mobile inspections to complete and return. This is important to avoid accidental overwriting or other issues. 3D cannot support any unexpected issues that arise due to not properly using sub accounts when there are multiple inspectors.  This topic has information:

Enable Multiple Inspector Schedules per Job

If you use inspection teams going to the same job, or even might book some aspects of a job on multiple dates say for a Radon pickup or other ancillary item, you will likely find it convenient to turn on the Office Management Maintain > Office Management Preferences, Invoice mode “Multiple Inspector Schedules per job.”   This allows multiple inspectors or multiple dates for different aspects of the inspection to be assigned to the same job.

Assign your reports and merge them together later

Then basically two or more reports (depending on the size of your team) would be created for the job, each assigned to a different inspector. This topic has more information about the general concept of creating multiple reports for a job:

Remember to always use your master program (or a workstation networked to share the same data) to book your job, so the forms exactly match for later merging.  The key is to make sure two separately named reports are used, but created using the exact same form group. And to make certain any inspector using mobile, including yourself, is only using a sub account to access their copy of the report attached to that job.

After saving the job, one would next upload each of those reports for the job. If the goal is to merge different parts of the reports done by the inspectors into a single file, the same form set would need to be used. However in a case where inspectors are perhaps performing different kinds of inspections, then different form groups might used and the separate completed reports delivered to the client.

Each inspector would only see and retrieve his respective inspection file to complete and return when done, avoiding any confusion.

Later in the main program after both are retrieved, while whichever is considered the main inspection is open, one may use the File > Merge Inspection option in report writer to merge the information in from the other inspection created using the same form group to combine the data. See Help topics for more information about the File menu merge inspection option.
Later the 2nd inspection file can just be discarded as needed when no longer needed, since its data was combined into the other report.