There is sometimes confusion or controversy about whether there should be a comma before the word "and" in a list of things. This refers to the Oxford Comma, also known as the serial comma, or a comma between a list of a series of things.

The following blog post explains the proper use of the Oxford Comma and why although it can be a style preference, it often should be used in a list of things for clarity.

A "missing" comma has caused lawsuits, with expensive consequences, as borne out by these examples:

In the above examples, it cost the company at least 5 MILLION dollars!
They lost simply because of the missing comma.

When using 3D's auto-punctuation for grouping items, you'll notice the comma is included since it's better to always play it safe and just include the comma for clarity. It's not the first time a comma or lack of one has resulted in lawsuits:

As noted, the majority prefer the extra comma all the time anyway.  Most likely you prefer clarity also.  Don't overlook your responsibility for final proofreading too, even when your tools make it easy to quickly gather and compile the data!