Did your internet provider recently update some settings, or something change recently with your internet connection and now you are getting this message?  Here's helpful troubleshooting information about the message "Web exception: The remote name could not be resolved" from our forum blog archives.

A "Web exception: The remote name could not be resolved" message generally means that something is preventing the web address you are trying to reach from resolving into an IP address so your computer can reach or find it.  Here is a layman explanation of how this works: http://www.howstuffworks.com/dns.htm

If your DNS is not resolving for internet addresses, a good first step is to reboot your router and modem as that can often resolve such issues.

If that does not resolve the issue, you might next try flushing the DNS cache on your system:

In windows search for cmd, and when the cmd.exe program appears, right click and Run as administrator.

When the command prompt window opens, type

ipconfig /flushdns

and then press Enter to purge the DNS resolver cache.

Then reboot your computer.

It's also possible your computer might be using a proxy server that is preventing direct access to the IP address, or else changing the information that passes through it's servers so that the final address cannot work or respond properly.  (Sometimes ISPs will use this to throttle and control traffic or save bandwidth during times of heavy traffic, or simply to slow things down for certain service levels or after a certain volume of traffic, however they often create problems for users, such as slow browsing and inability to connect to some secure servers.)   If so, you might see if you can temporarily turn it off so your computer can directly access the internet instead-

Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections tab > LAN Settings, and uncheck all boxes (proxy and auto detect).

Another thing to check is whether your hosts file might be overriding your connection (sometimes this can happen due to malware, or due to special company setup by an IT person).  See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972034

You might check with your local IT person or ISP to see whether a proxy server, hosts file, or other setting is preventing your computer from accessing the internet normally, or whether you may simply need to use an alternate DNS server on your computer to resolve internet addresses.

Another possible cause could be third-party Antivirus and security software- https://nerdschalk.com/12-ways-to-fix-dns-server-not-responding-on-windows-11-issue/

Additional suggestions here: https://allthings.how/7-ways-to-fix-dns-server-unavailable-error-in-windows-11/

Remember Windows already comes with security built in: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/stay-protected-with-windows-security-2ae0363d-0ada-c064-8b56-6a39afb6a963
Third-party options needed years ago are nowadays largely superfluous.  But regardless of any security, the weakest link is mainly end users bypassing good sense and security by engaging in poor computer hygiene habits- https://www.tomsguide.com/news/windows-defender-good-enough-for-new-laptop
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