Renew Subscription Plan (1st & optional 2nd computer)

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The subscription plan provides you with automatic updates and upgrades for all of your 3D Inspection System products for 12 months, at a savings over normal upgrade pricing. BASE COST WILL BE PRICE SHOWN HERE OR PRIOR LOCK-IN RATE IF LOWER. See details.
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Purchase this product to manually renew a current subscription PRIOR to expiration.  NOTE: When renewing a subscription prior to its expiration, your base subscription fee (not including additional licenses) will be either the base price above, or your existing subscription lock-in rate, whichever is LOWER.  See Lock-In information below for details.

The subscription plan provides you with automatic updates and upgrades for all of your 3D Inspection System products for 12 months. Click Here for more information about the Subscription Plan.  On the subscription plan you receive download links via email, to update or upgrade your software throughout the year (upgrades also available on CD for nominal shipping fee).This saves you money compared to normal upgrade prices.

Who should purchase this product? You are only eligible to purchase this product if you have a current version of a 3D software product with an active subscription (see  If you already had a subscription plan which previously expired, your subscription plan will be renewed as of the date your subscription plan expired. Subscriptions must be renewed within 30 days of expiration.  You may renew a current subscription any time to add 1 additional year of subscription updates to the end of the expiration date of your existing plan.

PLEASE NOTE: This renewal fee is the current base fee covering licenses for the first two computers only, included in the typical software EULA. You are only allowed to install and use the software on the number of computers you have licensing for.  If you have purchased additional licensing, you will be charged an extra $100 for each additional purchased license seat.  Or you may prefer to contact our Sales department at 800-745-6126 to process your renewal.

RATE LOCK-INS: Since normal subscription fees may increase in the future, we extend a special "lock-in" option to existing subscribers to keep their prior subscription rate indefinitely, provided renewal is submitted prior to their subscription expiration, or one is signed up for auto-renew (you must have a current or unexpired subscription to be eligible for auto-renew).  If you are manually renewing or using this item to submit updated card information and entitled to a special rate lock-in by submitting this renewal PRIOR to your expiration date, you will automatically be charged any applicable LOWER lock-in base rate instead of the current subscription pricing above AT THE TIME WE LATER PROCESS YOUR ORDER (your order confirmation will reflect the standard price, but discount will be applied at final processing). Or you may prefer to contact our Sales department at 800-745-6126 to process your renewal.

If you are upgrading and adding a subscription at the same time, you have the opportunity to lock-in the current rate above for future renewals.

Upgrading or subscribing AFTER expiration loses any lock-in rate, so that future renewal occur at then-current subscription pricing.