Software activation used in 3D Inspection Systems products helps prevent software piracy and ensures you receive the fully functional software  license you purchased.  Most software installed on new computer hardware requires activation.

Activation is a straightforward process. It requires an Internet connection and automatically validates your license for the product you have purchased. Activation also creates an account login for later use with Mobile apps. The number of product activations allowed is determined by the software's End User License Agreement (EULA) and any additional licenses or copies of 3D you have purchased. Please review the EULA terms during installation. Most editions authorize you to use a desktop version of 3D Inspection System software on two computers at the same address, either networked or one for backup purposed — or more if you buy additional licenses.

QUICK GUIDE - How to Activate:

  1. Right-click the 3D icon on the desktop and choose to Run as Administrator so Windows can store the activation. Windows UAC prompt may appear where you must allow the program to make changes to continue.
  2. Next choose Click Here to Activate.
  3. Type your activation ID where prompted for email. This is usually your original purchase email, or might be a modified email (no .com) or other ID if assigned that way.  The Activation ID does not have to remain a valid email and is not used to contact you.  Thus your original Activation ID remains in use later, even if you change your contact email.
  4. Enter a password.  If activating for the first time, you will be prompted to enter and repeat your password.  Use a unique password not used for other important accounts and be sure to save this in a safe location and do not reveal it to anyone, including other employees.  There are options for you to create sub account logins for employees for cloud use, or they may be set to activate their computers using their own email addresses.  Contact sales or support for details.   If you have activated in the past, simply enter your existing password when prompted.
  5. When 3D opens, you may want to close and reopen it normally to verify you are no longer prompted to activate.  If you receive a message, contact activations or review the information below for tips.

More FAQs and tips about activating


During activation, use a unique password that is not used for any other important sites or accounts.  Please safely record and store your Activation ID and Password. You must keep your Password confidential, as you are responsible for any activations that occur using your Activation ID and the Password you choose. If you have other employees that need to use a computer with 3D Inspection System software installed on it at your office, YOU should activate the additional computer yourself.  For any computers that will leave the office, you must contact sales to have them set up with a special Protected license that would allow them to use their own email and password to activate, while you retain ownership and control over the license. For other services (such as Cloud3D) used by other inspectors or employees, in the future separate logins/password may be set up under your account for their use and access of such services. Sub-inspector logins cannot be used for activation, so this protects your interests.

Q: Is Internet Connection required to automatically activate the program?

Yes, Activations are only done via the Internet.  You may connect to the Internet temporarily to activate and then disconnect your computer from the Internet afterward.

Having problems activating?

  • Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. You do not need a permanent Internet connection to use most features of your software, so a temporary one is fine just for activation.
  • Make sure you are using your original Activation ID (original email) and password you set up originally, or activation ID email assigned to you to activate.
  • Launch your program as Administrator by right-clicking the 3D icon and choosing to "Run as administrator".  Merely running normally from an administrator type Windows account is not sufficient for the activation process.
  • If you get a message Web exception: The proxy name could not be resolved: 'proxy' or Web exception: The remote name could not be resolved: '' or similar, then a proxy server may be preventing direct access to internet addresses. Try temporarily turning it off. (see or ).  Or your computer hosts file ( ) or other setup may be overriding normal connection.  See also Your IT person can help you resolve the issue so 3D can properly access the Microsoft server needed for activation.  

Q: When I try to activate, I'm getting a message saying that I have Exceeded my Activation Limit. How do I fix this?

Contact 3D Activation dept at 800-745-6126 (Option 1) and they will be happy to assist you further.  Outside the US, you may call the appropriate number on our Contact page.

If you are installing on a new replacement computer after hours, simply choose Activate Later to continue using the software, and be sure to contact Activations later for assistance with transferring your license from your original computer to the new one.  When you do activate later on, be sure to right-click the 3D icon and Run as administrator before activating.
Q: How many computers can I activate my software on?

When you purchase software from 3D Inspection Systems, you are buying a license for one entity address location to use the software. Since many of our customers have both a desktop and a laptop system, we allow activation on 2 systems simultaneously at the same address.  Or the two licenses may be networked together there.  Additional computers or users at other locations, require the purchase of additional licenses or software.

Normally the same edition of 3D Inspection System software can be re-installed on the same computer an unlimited number of times without re-activation needed.

Q: If a reinstallation of the software is needed, must I purchase a new license or reactivate?

In general, no. If the same edition of the software is reinstalled on the same machine, no new activation is required. However, if major changes are made to the system (i.e. reformatting the hard drive, refresh or reset Windows, etc.), re-activation may be required. Additional licenses are generally required for installations on the number of computers above and beyond those allowed by the product's EULA.

Q: I'm upgrading computers. How do I transfer my software to a different system?

In most cases, just install it on your new system, and activate it. If you get an error message stating you've exceeded your activation limit, just call or e-mail us via the sales contact form on our website, and we'll help you get it straightened out.

Q: I activated my software previously, but now it's suddenly asking to be re-activated. Why?

3D Inspection Systems products looks for a specific activation key in your computer. Whenever you launch the software, it checks to make sure this key is still in the computer. If the key number is missing or does not match the version you licensed, you'll need to re-activate the software.

In most cases, you'll only need to activate your software once. However, there are a few scenarios that could cause you to need to re-activate on the same system:

  • Changing the hardware configuration of your computer, such as the hard drive, or fresh reinstall of Windows and software.
  • Changing program edition type. e.g. if you upgrade from a regular 3D edition to a Premier edition, you would need to re-activate. However when an upgrade is purchased, your account information is normally be updated for each reactivation automatically online.
  • If something damages your Windows system or its stored information.
  • Previously activating while not launching the program with administrative rights, which prevented the activation key from being saved properly by windows.
  • Certain editions or Lease or Protected products may require regular re-activation on a periodic basis.  If activation is successful, but you are prompted again at the next launch, make sure your right-click your icon and Run as Administrator so it can properly save your activation.

Q:  How do I obtain additional licenses for my software product, so I may install it on additional computers for more inspectors or office help to use?

You may be able to purchase additional licenses online depending on your work flow.  Or contact our sales department for assistance.  Where inspectors will be using additional licenses on computers outside the office, you will need to contact sales to have them set up with a special Lease license that would allow them to use their own email and password to activate, while you retain ownership and control over the license.  Whereas additional licenses intended for in-office use or part of a network would usually be activated normally.