Learn more about 3D Inspection System's software Subscription Plan. The annual subscription period runs for one year from the anniversary of your date of initial purchase. The subscription plan allows you to retain the most value for your software.  Proceeds from subscriptions defray support costs associated with maintaining our software products and services. 

Q: What are the main benefits of the software subscription plan?
A: A number of benefits are available by maintaining a software subscription:

  • 3D Inspection Systems also provides subscribers with a free basic membership to use Cloud3D Services (enabled separately) for transferring up to 500 mobile inspection files to and from mobile devices annually.  (Additional reports may incur an overage fee)
  • Although we recommend archiving installers in case they are ever needed after hours, subscribers are entitled to receive new or replacement installers for the current version software engine for their purchased product.  Without a subscription, you will need to rely on any installer you previously archived, which also may or may not be compatible with replacement hardware.
  • Each time you renew your subscription, your available number of free live phone support incidents for one-on-one phone or remote session support with a qualified technician resets to match your number of seat licenses (3D's standard EULA normally provides 2 without additional licensing).  Non-subscribers are not entitled to free live support incidents or remote sessions; these may be available for a charge, after any subscribers in queue have been assisted.
  • Subscribers also are eligible to purchase additional licensing and edition upgrades, and take advantage of other specials not available to non-subscribers.  Check our Specials page or with the sales department for information on specials, or they may be periodically sent to you.  Should subscribers use up all free live support incidents within the subscription year, additional heavily discounted incidents may be purchased compared to the normal non-subscriber cost.*
  • When you renew prior to your subscription expiration date, you are allowed to keep your current subscription base renewal rate without it increasing to any higher current rate.  Late renewals or reestablishing a subscription after it expires normally reverts to the then-current subscription rate.
  • Subscribers may also receive assistance with activation of replacement machines.  Activation of new computers may not be available to non-subscribers or for old versions.
  • Gain bonus subscription months for yourself and associates with our Referral Appreciation Program


Q: How do maintain my subscription plan?
A: A complimentary one-year subscription is automatically included free with the initial purchase of your 3D Inspection System software. Subsequently, you may choose to renew your subscription annually. The subscription plan is optional and won't prevent your desktop software installed on your current machine from working, but is needed for the above listed benefits and maintains access to time-saving options.

New or current subscribers are encouraged to sign up for automatic renewal for convenience (one may opt out at any time), and to help ensure your initial rate stays locked in for the future regardless of any price increases.  Although we endeavor to email notices to subscribers who have not signed up for the free service of automatic renewal as a courtesy, we are not responsible for lost, late, or misdirected notices, so making sure you don't allow your subscription to expire is your responsibility in those cases.  Users who opt for manual renewal must be sure to renew prior to their subscription expiration to retain their existing locked in rate.

Q: What happens if my subscription lapses or I choose not to renew my subscription?
A: Once a subscription expires, you may need to pay a higher retroactive subscription or purchase a new package to receive installers or other subscription benefits. Your future subscription rate will also revert to now-current pricing. If you do not wish to subscribe or upgrade, you may continue to use the last desktop version you received and archived from 3D Inspection Systems for as long as it will continue working with your equipment. Older versions are unsupported and may not activate or work with newer hardware. Other benefits solely available to subscribers (such as Cloud3D memberships and replacement installers) become unavailable.

Q: Can I get support without a subscription?
A: Although technical support is not limited to subscribers, those with expired plans may purchase live phone support incidents for phone or remote help with a supported version or learn about retro-renewing a subscription to get free live support incidents again.  Any subscribers in queue however will receive priority assistance over non-subscribers.  Web ticket email support remain available for supported versions

The best benefits are provided to 3D Inspection System software users through an annual subscription plan.  Users who choose not to remain subscribed may opt to purchase ar retroactive renewal at current rates if needed, or purchase a new copy of 3D software if the version or subscription no longer qualifies for discounted pricing. If you have further questions about subscription plan benefits, about signing up for auto-renew or changing your renewal preference, or a reminder of your subscription expiration/renewal date, please feel free to contact our sales dept Here.

For less than the cost for your barista to make your daily cup of coffee, or renew your cell or cable services, be sure to maintain your subscription with 3D Inspection Systems- your most important inspection tool.  For the Base Annual subscription fee (covers standard EULA use on up to 2 regular computers at the same address; mobile apps may be used on unlimited compatible devices), see Subscription Renewal Cart Options

For each additional purchased network license seat, add $125.  Each Branch license will have its own full subscription amount (rate determined by purchase date, which can remain locked in), complete with the same benefits and Cloud3D Services report allowance as the main office licenses. When renewing online using the link above, your actual payment will be adjusted, either reduced to account for any lower base subscription rate you may have locked in, and/or increased to account for additional purchased license seats if applicable at final processing time.  Although your initial order acknowledgement may reflect the default cart amount, your final emailed receipt showing the actual amount charged once processed.  Orders submitted significantly prior to subscription expiration may be processed later, closer to your renewal date.

Additional Cloud3D Services overages for more than 500 inspection files during your prior subscription year may be charged at the end of your subscription period, or near the same time as your renewal, or may be purchased at any time during the year.  Any Cloud3D Service overages for any past service during the prior subscription year are still due if a subscription is not renewed.

You are only legally allowed to install and use the software on the number of computers you have obtained licensing for.  For special circumstances such as branch offices, please contact sales regarding available options.  One may also arrange for inspectors using company equipment remotely to have special activation that can be easily turned off and reassigned as needed.  Please contact sales for information about these scenarios.

(Pricing subject to change, except for existing subscribers who renew prior to expiration which allows keeping prior subscription rate, or who are enrolled in our auto-renew program for a locked in rate)

*Non-subscriber cost for additional live support incidents is currently $90 US.   Additional live support incidents for subscribers after using all free ones during the subscription year is currently $30 for subscribers.  However free live support incidents reset again for the next subscription period.

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