You may have questions about 3D Inspection System's popular software Subscription Plan. 

Q: What is the main purpose of the software subscription plan?
A: A 3D Inspection System software subscription entitles you to automatically receive all version upgrades and updates for your 3D product that are released during the annual subscription period.

The annual subscription period runs for one year from the anniversary of your date of initial purchase (or date of upgrade if a subscription was purchased at that time). The subscription plan is an easy way to keep your 3D Inspection System software up-to-date at the guaranteed lowest possible pricing. Keeping your software current can help avoid incompatibility with newer hardware or Microsoft components that come out. Obviously neither you nor we have any way of predicting what changes or incompatibilities future technology will bring or may require (for example, when Windows 7 was released, older 3D versions would not work as only the current version had a compatible driver.  Similar with Windows 8.  When the new Windows Phones were innovated, older versions had no way to interface with them. Similar scenarios have occurred throughout the years). In addition to compatibility or component updates, you benefit by receiving time-saving new features or options that are released.

Proceeds from software subscriptions benefit 3D Inspection Systems by defraying development costs associated with updating our software products, and expenses to maintain support staff. It also facilitates distribution of new upgrades to our user base upon release. Having the latest version installed also makes it much easier for technical support to assist you with any how-to questions or technical issues.

Q: Are there any other benefits?
A: Yes, since subscribers are entitled to the latest version, a lost or misplaced installer can easily be replaced for a subscriber without charge if needed. In addition, each time you renew your subscription in the future, the number of free live phone support incidents available to you is reset to match the number of seat licenses you have (normally 2 are included with 3D's standard EULA, if you have not obtained additional licensing). Subscribers with a Premier edition are also eligible for Test Drive membership.  Of course maintaining a subscription also demonstrates that you are not merely a casual inspection hobbyist, but that you are truly serious about keeping your professional business tools current for success. 3D Inspection Systems now provides a free yearly membership to Cloud3D Services to subscribers who need this option.

Q: How do I get a subscription plan?
A: A complimentary one-year subscription is included free with the initial purchase of your 3D Inspection System software. Subsequently, you may choose to renew your subscription annually if you desire. The subscription plan is optional and not required to continue using your software, but is recommended to save you money on higher-priced upgrades later.

New or current subscribers may wish to sign up for automatic renewal for convenience (one may opt out at any time), and to ensure your existing subscription rate stays locked in for the future regardless of any price increases, should there ever be any processing delay on our end.  Although we endeavor to email notices to subscribers who are not signed up for automatic renewal, we are not responsible for lost, late, or misdirected notices, so making sure you don't allow your subscription to expire is your responsibility in such cases.

Q: What happens if my subscription lapses or I choose not to renew my subscription?
A: Once a subscription expires, you would then need to pay regular upgrade pricing in the future in order to receive a newer version series. You may also re-join the subscription plan at its now-current pricing at the time of upgrading if desired. If you do not wish to subscribe or upgrade, you may continue to use the last version you received from 3D Inspection Systems for as long as it will continue working with your equipment. However older versions do eventually become unsupported over time or may not work with newer hardware that is invented later, so assistance we are able to provide for an older version may be limited. Also any other benefits solely available to subscribers (such as Test Drive and Cloud3D memberships) may become unavailable.

Q: Can I get support without a subscription?
A: Yes, technical support is not limited to subscribers, nor linked in any way to having a subscription plan. Users of supported versions may receive unlimited email support, whether or not they have a current subscription plan. We generally support the current major version series and at least one prior. Non-subscribers who have not used their original free live phone support incidents would still have those free incidents available to use, and may also purchase additional live phone support incidents.

The best way to keep your 3D Inspection System software current is through an annual subscription plan. However users who choose not to subscribe may always choose to purchase an upgrade from time to time instead to get current (although upgrade pricing is generally higher than simply maintaining a subscription plan). If you have further questions about subscription plan benefits, about signing up for auto-renew or changing your renewal preference, or to find out your subscription expiration/renewal date, please feel free to contact our sales dept at 800-745-6126 or Here.

Base subscription fee (covers standard EULA use on 2 computers) = $189
For each additional purchased license = add $50

You are only allowed to install and use the software on the number of computers you have licensing for.

(Pricing subject to change, except for existing subscribers who renew prior to expiration)

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