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Tailored towards any inspector who adheres to CREIA SoPs (California Real Estate Inspection Association) The California reporting system provides a professional, customizable and finished report. ASHI & InterNACHI SOP forms are also available.
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This CREIA Focus edition is tailored towards any CREIA Member (California Real Estate Inspection Association) or Inspector that adheres to the CREIA Standards of Practice (SoP’s). The California reporting system provides a professional, customizable and finished report that follows the CREIA SoP’s. The California form includes a detailed collection of comments for most conditions you could encounter. Combining the 3D Inspection Software and the California Form set you will have a computer generated report that helps you make sure your inspection and report meets the CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) STANDARDS OF PRACTICE.

CREIA Members and all Inspectors that adhere to the CREIA Standards of Practice make sure your residential inspections follow the CREIA STANDARDS OF PRACTICE (SoP's).

California Focus Includes:

  • Report Writer
  • Basic Office Management
  • Custom Form Studio
  • Mobile apps option
  • Specialized Focus Edition forms and documents
  • Free on-line report delivery (SMTP emailing capability required)
  • Subscription Plan (1 year of updates on all the included software)

Form sets are set to follow all of the CREIA SoP's as follows:

  • Section 1- Foundation, Basement, and Under-floor Areas
  • Section 2-Exterior
  • Section 3-Roof Covering
  • Section 4-Attic Areas and Roof Framing
  • Section 5-Plumbing
  • Section 6-Electrical
  • Section 7-Heating and Cooling
  • Section 8-Fireplaces and Chimneys
  • Section 9-Building Interior
  • And an additional section for Pools and Spas.

The findings are listed in four different ways:

  • Safety Concerns as [SC] in Red
  • Further Evaluations as [FE] in Purple
  • Corrections Recommended as [CR] in Blue
  • Recommended Upgrades as [RU] in Green

Printed as part of the report are the CREIA SoP's, each section includes the areas to be reported on per the SoP's. The reported areas with findings follow. Then at the end of each section are the areas not reported on per the CREIA SoP's. All line items are sequentially numbered for easy identification purposes by all parties involved. The section break down and numbering eliminate the fumbling around to find certain comments as all of the electrical comments are in the electrical section, as the plumbing comments are in the plumbing section etc. The computerized report, has attached documents including two styles of cover pages and a fully customizable Summary page.

Included are thousands of 'picks' responses for the hundreds of conditions and items you inspect and report on. Each comment is customizable to fit the specific needs at the time of inspection.

Straight out of the box California content is set up for most any size residential structure complete with the following:

  • Areas to report on Three (3) Water heaters
  • Areas to report on Three (3) Electrical Sub Panels
  • Areas to report on Four (4) Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • All areas are also easily expandable through Custom Form Studio (which is included) to add more for the really large residences.

Photos when needed can be added to any line in the report. Editing of photos includes the ability to add arrows, circles, rectangles, fill circle, fill rectangles, text comments. You can also adjust the brightness, crop, rotate and flip photos to get them how you like before insertion into the report.

Additional and most importantly the California form set is fully customizable, allowing you to edit or add comments. You can also add or duplicate headings and systems any way you want to meet your inspection needs. The attached Documents in the Action pane are also fully customizable to meet your needs and requirements.

We at California Sunrise think the California Focus is a straight forward and easy to use Form set. As with anything comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated please contact us via e-mail at Additional custom Form Sets are available or we can Custom tailor one to your needs.

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NOTE: SOP forms are also available for ASHI and InterNACHI.  Please contact me for more information.