We frequently receive praise from users when they experience how 3D Inspection System software helps their business.  Here is a small sampling from hundreds of responses we have received...

Business is booming. I decided we should by new laptops and put the version 12 on the new computers. We get all kinds of compliments on our 3D inspection reports so as far as I'm concerned there is no other option for us other than 3D.
-Jim Nolan
Home Inspections by Nolan
Thanks, everything working fine... Cloud is awesome.
-Chris Graber
Chris Home Inspection
The service I really received was excellent, I will always use 3d services and will highly recommend them to everyone.
-Damon Stevenson
Stevenson's Home Inspections
Gives me the ability to customize my reports for each client!
-Karl Ledig
Reliance Home Inspection
It provides me with professional reports without a lot of extra effort.
-John Lasswell
Lasswell Home Inspection, LLC
Thank you for the fast response. I should be ok next time I have to change computers.
-Chris Fahey
Suncoast Building Inspections
My online help was very helpful, Online technician was very knowledgeable. I would recommend this help to someone else, and my problem was fully solved with the online help.
-Ernie Tate
TCS Home Inspections
Thanks as always for answering my out-of-the-box questions!
-Nicholas Petrie
Smart Move Home Inspection Services
It is great to be able to receive support quickly. Please keep this great service up. We depend on it! You guys have great tech support. It is much appreciated to... get a live intelligent and knowledge person. Thanks and please keep it up!
-Mark Ladner
North Branch Inc
Thanks for the quick reply. You were right on. BTW, this is only the second time I have had to contact the 3D Technical Support and it has again been a pleasure... your quick response and keen apprehension of the problem reduced my stress immediately. Kudos to you and I wish all support services were as good.
-Peter Bennett
Bennett Marine Services
As always you guys are awesome and have answered my questions precisely. I am running version 12 on my machine with no issues. I am a strong believer that if something aint broken don't mess with it... Thank you for your support.
-Thomas Perez
Vista Inspection Services, LLC
Very helpful, very courteous... I am very satisfied with your service and appreciate it.
-Tony Berardinucci
Thank you ALL for being there! In today's high tech world, corporate American giants often resort to finger pointing back to the programming source or "re-directing the call" to some foreign resource center half way around the world...Boy does that make my blood boil. Anyway, it is for this reason that I have stayed with you for so long going as far back as version 8. In all of those years you have always been there to answer questions and resolve technical difficulties and issues in a prompt, efficient and courteous fashion. I just want you to know how much it appreciated. Thanks again for everything.
-S. Chaim Resnick
Advantage Home & Property Inspections
Thank you for all your help and the program is working much faster and easier on the new computer. A joy to work with again. Cheers
-Judy Hardy
Pro-Check Building Services
Upgrades on software are great... Thank you.
-Donn Singleton
Healthy Home Inspections
The professional technical support I received from [support] was tremendous... superior skills, abilities, and knowledge of the equipment and the 3D program and process made for an easy change-over from 11.4.1 to 12.2. My best to 3D, and the great team of professionals
-Terry Barker
Eagle Home Inspection & Consultant Service
[Tech]...is always straight back to me, happy to help and has a positive outlook in her communication
-Dale Kennedy
Alpha Building Services Pty Ltd
Amazing technical support and service. Your help... is greatly appreciated
-Rich Lyng
Thank you for being so nice and helpful. You fixed my problem very quickly and also answered other questions that helped me out. Your support service has always helped me in a professional manner. Thank you.
-Stan Koch
Rapid Home Inspection
As usual, the best support ever. Thanks for your dedication and knowledge.
-Warren Tomek
Five Star Inspection Services, LLC
Fantastic as always. Thirteen years of inspecting and counting and always been there for me. Thank you very much. Best regards.
-Dolly Lemay
Keystone Home Inspections
Excellent help with everything! Screen sharing made it so much more helpful. Thank you for everything.
-Marc Trunz
The woman on the phone was very kind, helpful, and nice. She was very quick to email me a needed link to help resolve my issue. A+ Service. Thank You!
-Matthew Beutman
Horizon Inspection Service
The information was very informative and what I needed! The operator was very polite and patient with me through the whole process... My main reason was for information to understand multiple aspects of the program. Polite and courteous help was provided. Thank you.
-Istvan Zsako
Zsako Home Inspections
I would say that my experience was a 10 from 1-10. Ten being the highest. I was very pleased with her phone manor and patience. She answered all of my questions. I would recommend her to other inspectors for support help. Thanks for such a pleasant experience.
-Scott Moran
Peoples Choice Home Inspection Service
You are a gift from the heavens! Your suggestions fixed everything! Warmest regards.
-Tonya Conway
HomePro Inspections
The information I received was very helpful. The service I received was by far the most polite, prompt, and informative service I have ever received anywhere. I would highly recommend this service ( or technician ) to anyone needing help with 3d inspection software. Great work 3D, truly a great experience. Thank you.
-Robert Woodman
R2 Residential Inspections
Solved my problem. Especially since it was a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend! Nicely done. I appreciated it very much, and I tell all fellow surveyors I run into that it is a great program.
-John R. Gulick, AMS
Gulick Associates Inc
I normally use the forum to find answers to my tech questions, but this time I had an emergency and needed instant help. [Tech] is the best... She knew exactly what was needed to resolve my problem and communicated it clearly. I could not be more pleased with the support I received.
-Fred & Celia Minix
Naples Home Inspectors, Inc
I can't say enough about the help I received. You guys were great... Thank you again, I didn't expect to hear from you wonderful people until tomorrow. You and your team have been great. Thank you again, I can not thank and praise the support staff enough. Thank you. Everyone was always polite, courteous and friendly... The 3D staff is the best in my book.
-Ken Boyd
A Boyd's Eye View Property Inspection
I wanted to thank you for all of your help over the past few days. It has really made a big difference for us... All of the formatting is now done in the 3D software. We now print the report directly into a pdf and send it to the client. Thank you for your patience and expertise! [Tech] was fantastic. She helped me with my issue and a whole lot more. She was very patient and knowledgeable.
-Pete Ciliberto, Certified Inspector
Real Estate Inspections
Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. The staff has always been there when I need them. I really enjoy the versatility of 3D. It allows me to service my clients with a concise written and pictorial account of the inspection in a relatively short amount of time. Keep up the good work... I am not even close to a tech type and the help that I received was to the point and as I said before very helpful. Please give my thanks to your department as I use your software almost daily
-Ray Kershaw
A-1 Home Inspection
I received great service considering it was during the holidays. The technical team was extremely helpful and provided good well written easy to understand instructions. Thank you.
-David Waeschle
Cactus Coastie Home Inspection, LLC
I just want to thank [Tech] for putting up with me, she was very helpful, very courteous and a pleasure to deal with. It's kind of a love hate thing, thank you for being there for me but also I hope I don't need to bother you again in the near future. Wishing everybody there a happy holiday.
-Capt. Richard Warren
Chesapeake Marine Surveyors
Again thank you for all your prompt assistance and solutions. Like I always say 'if your not inspecting in 3D then your reports are one dimensional' Regards.
-John Trigiani
House Inspection Group
I Love You... Just so you know, I have 4 Inspection reports I am testing. They are Home Inspector pro, Palm Pro 7 , Horizon, and yours, 3D. I like yours the best... It is apparent to me that the industry is focusing on time saving, yes, saving time is important. But a good thorough inspection can save a lot of time and money for the home buyer. Your report allows for a rating, a pre composed narrative, and / or a detailed typed in narrative and a photo for each item in the inspection. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
-Ed Randall
Springdale Homes & Designs
Thanks again you guys really do have great customer service and technical expertise!
-Scott Hunt
Seaside Home Inspection
Thank you so much for your assistance! This product is by far better than any other on the market. Blessings.
-Russell Edwards
Lanier Property Inspections
It turned out to be a Windows problem. Big surprise. As usual you were quick to respond and helpful. You are awesome.
-Greg Marell
Marell Inspection Services, Inc
John, Terry and I are very satisfied with the service received. We very much appreciate your hard work.... Thank you kindly! As always, your help was exceptional. I am over the moon about the customer service I received. As a new hire (in an IT role) here... your helpful and courteous gals made all the difference in the world.
-Kathy Boire
Team Engineering
Thank you for your help. considering I am on the other side of the world the query was answered promptly with instructions that were easily followed. Great technical support.
-Clinton Taylor
Aussie Pest Control
Thank you for your great help and super service. You guys are the best! If it weren't for you guys, I would be using a hammer and chisel for my report writing. Thanks for all.
-Jack Wingo
Advanced Home Inspections
[Over] 9000 inspection on 3d! We are so proud of our little company and the 3D system was perfect for us to manage multiple inspectors when we had them and now just us. Thank you. We appreciate the work.
-Karen Dempsey
Precision Inspection Services, Inc
I purchased software from Home Inspector Pro but after using the 3D software want to switch since 3D's software is far more user friendly and creates a great looking report.
-Jamie Hayden
Bulldog Home Inspection LLC
You are amazing! You know, once you do a process it is so easy and is a wonder that I could not figure it out but I guess that is the way it works. Thank you so much for your quick response and detailed instructions. I really appreciate it.
-Herman Venable
Double Check Inspections, LLC
Once again I can't thank you enough. I bought my 3D Inspection program in 2007 and have been more than happy with it ever since. I have also subscribed ... has always been a bargain but this time it was worth it's weight in gold! Thank you again.
-Bob Snow
Ebb Tide Marine Services
You guys and gals always help out when I seem to have DUH MOMENTS!
-Gary Rightsell
Right Home Inspections
3D...what else can I say; excellent. I want to thank you all for the outstanding support I have "always" received. All you people out there looking for an inspection reporting system; ya just gotta give 3D a try. I’ve been a user for almost 15 years now; worth every minute!! Since 2001, 3D has provided my business with an outstanding product, easy to personalize, expand and organize this ever changing report I produce. Times change and 3D staff has always, and I mean always supported my business with technical support almost instantly; yep even through E-Mail messages.... Thanks 3D
-Ralph E Havener Jr
Haveners Home Inspections
I wanted to send you a note to say I really appreciate 3D's tech support... always quick to respond with clear and concise answers to any questions I have. It's as if I have my very own tech support at my disposal. They are very valuable assets and I cannot thank them, or you, enough. Thank you... for an extremely fast reply. You are the best!
-Rick Yerger
Building Specs
Thank you again i am not computer savvy and appreciate your help and support.
-Kevin Romano
Cairns Pre purchase Building Reports and Pest Services
Great service... Excellent service! As usual! I will tell that all was taken care of in the manner I have come to expect from 3D. Professional, straight forward and thorough. Thank you for your help. Thank you for the terrific service, as usual... Just have to "attune" myself to going digital on the job site!
-Emory Shover
Eastern Marine Services, LLC
I'm not a techie guy and you guys were awesome Thanks
-Lee Llewellyn
CIS Inspection
I rarely have an issue with my 3D software, but when I do, you guys always seem to have a quick fix... You are the BEST! The information you sent was perfect! Thank you for your quick (as usual) response. I have to have answers to my questions quickly, as my clients expect a timely turn-a-round of their reports. You guys are the reason I am proud to offer 3D reports for my customers.
-Mike Morrissey
Inspect-It 1st Saint Louis
Let's start by saying I love my 3D. It makes my working life so efficient.... As always the customer service and technical support is the BEST. That is what sets you above all the rest. Thank you.
-George Gallup
Gallup Yacht Surveying
Service from 3D is always beyond what I expect, and my expectations are high since I come from a background of computer/network support/help desk. I know what it takes. I have great confidence in 3D technicians, programmers and customer support. You keep my company running smoothly and give me the ability to provide an excellent product to my clients. Thank you!
-Donald Johnston
Qualified Inspections, Inc.
You folks do a great job in responding to the needs of your customers. Please keep up the good work!
-Kit Wright, Owner
Homes by Cynthia
Have been using the 3D system for quite some time now. Soup to nuts in two hrs complete, comprehensive, in essay type form, including pictures in text, automatically generated table of contents, findings page, condition & value page and signature page which I have my SAMS seal on. A totally modifiable program... I've modified my version a lot and my items list is extensive with essay type findings and conditions. By the way support from 3D is very good and prompt. One other note, you can integrate all your Force 5 info into the program.
-Reinier Van Der Herp
RV Marine Surveying & Consulting
Using 3D stands me out from the crowd, which I know makes my competition stew. My Clients are thrilled with a quality report, all love the way they look. The process is smooth they tell me, and repeat business they always book.
-Lou Prinzi
First Choice Building Inspections, Inc
Using 3D software is the best thing I have done for my business, I’m a marine surveyor, the marine equivalent of a home inspector. I write my marine survey reports with it and it has not only made my reports standout from the crowd (of other marine surveyors), but it saves me an estimated 2 to 3 hours per report. I used to use Microsoft Word for my reports and I found my self typing the same things over and over again, but with the 3D software I can get those items into the report by a tick on the screen... Now when I’m on the boat I am getting a lot of the report done right there... When it is all done I print it with the PDF printer that comes with the 3D software and email the report to my customer. They get a nice digital copy that they can see all the pictures very well, and I save a lot on paper and printer ink! Everyone is happy.
-Brian Stetler
Stetler Marine Surveys
My motto is 'I try to be the best in my field.' To be the best and try to out-distance my competition I do several things. Most things I keep to myself, but my number one thing is my inspection reports. I have looked at all of them and I picked 3D- after all it is like me, the best in its field. This 3D Inspection has got me out of hot water so many times. It is like having a check list so I do not miss any thing. It is so easy to be distracted, 3D keeps me on track. And being able to have a drop down to add a heading just adds that extra punch to say what I want to say at the exact moment. I have 3D on my laptop and at the end of my inspection I... work on the report at home on my desk top. Most likely I spend a good 30 minutes longer than most inspectors spend on there report, but I like to take advantage of all the good points of 3D... With out 3D I would not be the best in my field and with few homes being sold if you want to eat you have to be the best. There is no question that with 3D my customer can see just what I inspected as well as photos of their new home. This helps me get referrals. The agents keep me on there list because they want an inspection they can understand. It save them and me time when they do not have to call for an explanation.
-Robert Bedford
Bedford Home Inspection
As a yacht surveyor, I obviously have enjoyed the part of my job on the boat, on a nice day at the waterfront or performing a sea trial in yachts I could never afford to own myself. However the bliss of this great job always turned to drudgery when it came time to sit down for 6 to 8 hours, (believe it or not), and tediously write the report of my survey... When I started surveying, only one software designer had developed a reporting system that worked well enough, but offered no flexibility to customize... I finally made the switch to 3D... I now can deliver a very professional looking report, that doesn't look like boilerplate in less than half the time... This time saved paid for 3D in only a few surveys. It's now money, (and time), in my pocket.
-Peter J Spang
Turnstone Marine Survey, LLC
In 2000, one year into starting my home inspection business, I was performing 2-3 inspections per day, staying up till the wee hours and waking up at 5:00 am just to finish reports using a computerized check list type of system. Business was great but the wear and tear on family and body was not so great. Then at a conference in Clearwater, Fl., I met Carl Fowler with 3D inspections... I can honestly say the program has allowed us to grow and maintain sanity and family life. I was able to produce an inspection form following the procedure we developed to perform inspections. Anyone can produce an inspection form that matches their way of doing business. That is the beauty of this program. The Office Management database is invaluable, the word processor works great and integrates with the inspection form and the Report Writer is unmatched. The technical support via e-mail is great! ...And there is no additional charge for the support. The annual renewal subscription to keep up to date with the latest modifications is very affordable. Our business has grown each year, even with the recent slowdown. 3D Inspection software has played a huge part in that growth. We could never perform the number of inspections and produce the quality reports without it. Thanks 3D!
-Raney Oven
Southern Home Consultants, Inc.
I have seen several examples of inspection reports from different vendors and none of them can compare to the quality and overall flexibility of 3D’s report writing software. I have always received amazing accolades from my clients when they receive their inspection reports. They are very impressed with the amount of detail that is built into the report. I have always been a strong believer in using the best products because they place me several rings above my competition. Without 3D, I would just be a “typical” inspection company and that is not where I envision my business to be. Service is another integral part of my business plan as well. I have nothing but great things to say about 3D and its support staff. They have been terrific in supporting me when I have had issues. Thank you 3D.
-Jeff Leighton
Inspect-It 1st Property Inspection
We had a very high profile client who had us inspect twenty-three of their shopping centers. Their inspection needs and reporting desires were very, very specific. By using the 3D system we were able to custom make, on the go, a specific form set that met their needs. The ease of the 3D system allowed us to be very specific and proficient in performing the inspections and reporting on the items in question... In the end the client was very pleased and we now have a new form set in our repertoire, all because of the ease and custom ability of the 3D Reporting System.
-Chuck Lambert
Sunrise Inspection Services
We have been using the 3D Inspection program since version 5 came out, and our business has gone from strength to strength. The Solicitors in town use us, as they find our reports the most easy to follow and with the extra detail we add, they are receiving more information than they get from our competitors. 3D has made life so much easier on site and cut down the length of time spent in the office doing the finishing touches. Our business would not be as successful as it is, if we were still using the old paper work we had. The ease of being able to email is an added bonus which allows us to deliver our reports very quickly and efficiently. Where would we be without 3D ? Working until all hours of the night, like we used to! We love it.
-Graeme and Linda Gillbanks
Gillbanks Building
You’re only as good as you[r] last inspection! Real quality inspections are distinguished by one element, EFFICIENCY! With 3D you can take total control! 3D allows you to concentrate on the important things THE INSPECTION... never miss vital information, cover yourself for every scenario, a program that prompts you to inspect and report better, the ability to be comprehensive.
-Chris Pante
Nova Home Inspections and Developments
3D makes it easy for me to change my forms as new information about the inspection field becomes available.
-Joe Cook
House Call Home Inspection
Realtors and buyers like the fact that I am able to deliver reports on the job site or email them later. I have been able to customize the forms to say what I want to communicate and deliver a very comprehensive and professional report.
-Tom Bannister
Certified Inspection, Inc.
Speeds up the process of report writing. Basic forms got me off to a fast start.
-Doug Thornton
All Safe Inspections, LLC.
Without it my inspection process would be hampered by the forms designed by others instead of my own creativity.
-Michael Leavitt
Michael Leavitt & Co Inspections, Inc.
I do all my inspections on 3D. Realtors and clients are very happy with the report.
-Robert Hopkin
Pro-Tec Inspection Services
By clicking on check boxes, I can insert a lot of text easily.
-Ken Winter
American Eagle Home Inspections, LLC
My ability to customize the report layout has made the look of my report better than most inspectors (even those with the 3d. I have put a lot of time into my inspect report and have a very large program that has thousands of comments at this point.
-John Hutchins
Inspections by John Hutchins
It allows me to present a complete package to my client...... comment with relevant photos alongside, index and ability to customize.
-Wyman Weinbeck
Details, Inc.
3D has helped set my business apart from the others... My clients like not having to decipher someone's handwriting.
-Michael Holmes
Holmes Inspections, LLC
Give me the capability of putting a professional report together with out being a word software expert.
-Scott Bray
JSB, Inc.
Would be hard to do inspection report without it.
-Luis Perez
LRP Engineering, Inc.
It helps me to produce a quality professional report that makes me look good to the customer.
-Dean Gifford
Gifford Home Inspections, LLC
My clients love the reports and it's easy to understand what's going on in the inspection.
-Le Roy J. Cameron, Jr.
Premier Home and Building Inspections, LLC
The finished reports are professional looking, easy to follow and we have had many compliments from buyers regarding the finished product.
-Jim Webster
American Home Inspection Services
It's user friendly and the final product is impressive to clients.
-Lisa Case
Case Inspection Services, Inc.
Great report features with easy modification. My clients are constantly commenting on my ''great looking'' report.
-Daniel Broughton II
Daniel's Home Inspections, LLC.
...very attractive report, easy to use by inspectors
-John Rahm
It provides me with professional reports without a lot of extra effort.
-John Lasswell
Lasswell Home Inspection, LLC
Gives me the ability to customize my reports for each client.
-Karl Ledig
Reliance Home Inspection
I do appreciate your timely responses and how you do everything you can to help me resolve any issues that arise. I am 100% satisfied with 3D's customer support!
-John Battaglia
At Ease Home Inspections
I am so impressed with the power of this program... I am blown away at how I can make it do what I want.  Kudos to all involved.  Thank you
- Charlie Gutridge
Gutridge Inspections

Also check out our Case Studies page to read more about how inspectors have been using 3D software in their own words.