Curtis H. Adams started his home inspection business in Lexington, KY and tells how the 3D software gave him confidence while inspecting. He shares a couple typical testimonials from his clients. UPDATE: Curtis has retired from the home inspection business.  Best wishes to you Curtis!

"After trying out other Home Inspection Software, I decided on 3-D.

My company C.H. Adams Home Inspections - was started in June of 2007. I have been quite successful getting my new business as a home inspector up and running. While I am technically strong when it comes to knowing what it takes to do a home inspection, I had virtually no experience writing any kind of report, let alone a home inspection report. Because of 3-D I started producing professional looking home inspection reports from the very first report I did. The intuitive nature of 3-D let me focus on the inspection, not the software. Other than a few preliminary setup steps, the software was ready to use out of the box.
I used [a mobile device] at the job site to record my findings. As a new inspector having the software with me to use as a guide gave me confidence that I wasn't going to overlook something. Once the inspection process is complete the report is uploaded to the desktop. Any minor corrections, additions and changes are made and the report is complete and ready for delivery via email. My Clients like the fact that I am using the latest technology, as you can see from the testimonials below. I think it reassures them and gives them confidence that they chose the right home inspector.

The following testimonials show 3-D was Right for Me!

Hello Curtis,
I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did in my soon-to-be new home! I trusted you to do a thorough inspection of the properly and you went ABOVE and BEYOND what I ever imagined. Thank you for your detail, honesty, and careful inspection concerning all aspects of the property. The written report was very clear and easy to read. The pictures were a great visual addition to the explanations that you provided. And I, overall, was very impressed and pleased with the work you did! I have already told several friends about your services. I hope and pray that your business continues to thrive and be a blessing to others as it has been to me

Dear Curtis,
I am vastly impressed with your inspection. It is without a doubt the most thorough inspection I have ever had commissioned. Thank you so much for your great efforts and this very informative report.

As you can tell from the testimonials my clients will remember the reports I produce even if they forget my name. Comments like these are the norm for me. As you know, this means future business and referrals."

Curtis H. Adams
C.H. Adams Home Inspection LLC.
Lexington, KY