David H. Wilson is proficient in all aspects of vessel operation and inspection, is factory certified by popular schools, and holds a 100-Ton Masters license. This expert serving the west coast of the USA and Canada in the Edmonds, Washington area tells how he uses 3D Inspection System software for his professional marine survey reports.  UPDATE: David successfully retired from marine survey.  Best wishes to you David!

David Wilson "I am using the version of 3-D supplied by Bob Ptak for marine surveyors. For the 4 years prior to my purchase of 3-D I had tried to come up with my own program based on Microsoft Word and Access. I would hate to add up the hours I have spent perfecting this program. I found that each report took about 8 to 10 hours as I kept making refinements and adding additional data bases for my drop down menus.
Since using 3-D my report time is cut to about 4 hours and I find any changes or additions to the database can be done on the fly. If I did not have to spend so much time researching comparable sales I could probably do my reports in an hour or less. The 3-D system has made my life much more enjoyable as I have more time to pursue getting business and less time trying to get reports out. Each time I do a survey report I add additional information so each subsequent survey takes less time.

I use a [mobile device] which allows me to have the complete program and reference links in my pocket at all times... I seldom have to take written notes.
I consistently get comments on the professionalism of my surveys and it has resulted in more referrals from my customers. The insurance companies and finance companies appreciate the professionalism and completeness of my reports. There is no comparison between my reports and reports I have seen from other surveyors when it comes to detail and an easy to understand report."

David H. Wilson - SAMS® AMS®
Accredited Marine Surveyor®
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