Donald Johnston was disappointed with the confusing and look-alike report styles most inspectors were providing and wanted to stand out from the competition. He used his report to market himself to the local real estate offices and performs quite a few inspections for sellers, as well as for buyers- and tracks closing rates for both. Now that other inspectors are following his lead, he keeps raising the bar to stay ahead and has also diversified into other kinds of inspections.

“I began my home inspection company a few years ago, and at the time I had considered several different approaches and tools for the report writing process. Many of the reports I saw looked alike and in my estimation looked difficult for the typical home buyer to understand. Yet new companies were being started each day using these same styles and approaches to reporting. I had to find a way to help my company stand out, to look different, while presenting a product that was practical to buyers and sellers. After all, most home inspectors are very skilled, understand what they are observing, and are desirous of presenting a report that represents their findings accurately. So what would make me and my company different? This is the advantage of the 3D software!

I wanted to present a report that could be easily understood by my clients and realtors alike, demonstrating value, while at the same time not overlooking any aspect of the inspection standards required by law. I wanted to go beyond the bare minimum to a higher standard of excellence that what I saw in the region. But this report must represent me, my way of thinking, my way of inspecting a property, my way of presenting the results.

The 3D program allowed me to develop the report that fit these standards. I took the basic report design and made it fit my style. This made marketing easier. Taking an example report to different real estate offices I was able to present myself and the report as one item. I had seen where other inspectors spoke about their findings one way, but the report was different. This confused anyone reading it. The format made with the 3D software was impressive and different than any other inspector. It was fresh, eye-catching, informative, and perceived as an added value according to both buyers and agents.

The added value of the report actually helps with sales of homes. I have kept records of closings after my reports are given. All of the homes I inspected for Sellers moved quickly. The report was given to prospective buyers making the whole process smoother. People were drawn to the report, the detail, the clarity of the reporting, the design. It demonstrated to the potential buyers that this seller had nothing to hide, was willing to demonstrate everything up front, and do what was necessary to help the buyer have a good purchasing experience.

For buyers the closing are high too, even in light of the conditions found in some homes. The key is that they are able to make an informed decision about their purchase instead of guessing what was meant by the inspection. I have had several repeat clients over the years because of this. Some have purchased new homes, others have purchased investment properties, and of course there are those who went through a few inspections before settling on their home choice. In the eyes of all these clients I found that the 3D software presented me in manner that said, “Here is a quality report, excellent in presentation, and worth more that what was paid for the inspection.”

Now it appears that many inspectors in my area are trying to match what I started with 3D. Agents and buyers are telling me that the quality of reports have increased overall, but no one comes close to the report portfolio I present. But if they do, with 3D I can easily adjust my reports, raising the bar yet again.

As my company expands, so will our reporting capability, presentation, marketing, and responsibility to our clients. It grows with me and with the industry. With this software I have moved into commercial inspections, environmental inspections, construction phase inspections, commercial equipment inspections and etc. I am now preparing my company for FHA inspections, insurance inspections, and etc. Reports can be written and developed as I need without purchasing other specialized software. This means lower overhead, quicker response time to the market, and staying a step ahead of my competition.

I know that without this software I could not succeed or be any different than any other inspection company out there. Thank you 3D for your dedication and support of our industry.”

Donald Johnston, Jr.
Qualified Inspections, Inc.
Springdale, AR