Dov Herman used 3D Inspection System features to automatic common tasks as he expanded his business to a multiple inspector firm. Then the housing market economic bust struck hard and he had to down-size his company. However, he was able to continue to maintain his business image and continue to operate his company as if he still had a full staff of helpers.

“Life is good; I have been a user of 3D for several years and have always loved the way 3D makes me look, but now they have outdone themselves! A few years ago I expanded my business and hired an office assistant as well as additional inspectors to grow my business and grow it did!

I had my assistant set my action pane to print my pre-inspection agreements already filled in; no more filling in the info at the inspection. We set up the action pane to add numbered additional bathrooms and kitchens as well and it was easy to do. I synced 3D to my Online scheduler from Inspection Management Systems so we no longer had to manually enter inspection info into 3D- it was seamless. My summary page gets created through one click on my actions pane. We then set up 3D for uploading and downloading new inspections to my inspectors and then for them to upload completed inspections for me to review before using the 3D report delivery system to get the reports to the buyer and attorneys.

Then things started to go downhill for the entire inspection industry and one by one I let go of the additional inspectors and even the office assistant. But by using 3D as I had it set up, my company still looked like a million dollars. I'm able to run my home inspection company as a one man operation with the professionalism and success of a full staff .There is nothing like pulling up to a house with a filled-in inspection agreement, creating my inspection reports that look great, having them delivered to the client by email link, and having time for my kids.

Now 3D have added automatic updates so there is no more waiting for the next version; they push it out as soon as its ready. Chances are most people, even inspectors using 3D for years, have no clue what I'm talking about because they never took the time to really understand and set up 3D to its full capabilities. But I for one consider myself a lucky man that I did.

Life is good thanks to 3D!”

Dov Herman
NY Inspect
Woodmere, NY