Fred Duemig has been in the construction field for over 30 years, and currently offers pre-listing, pre-purchase, warranty, new contruction, periodic maintenance, pre-renovation, investigative inspections, and certified termite or WDI (Wood Destroying Insects) inspections in the Long Island, NY area. He has served as Maintenance Manager for a major electric generation station, overseeing electrical, mechanical, engineering, planning, and building services. He is experienced in all phases of large and small building maintenance, repair and construction including, additions, remodeling, kitchens, bathrooms, wiring, plumbing, etc.  Fred shares with us his journey to find the ideal "tool" to complete his inspection needs...

It’s hard to trust and invest in someone you’ve never met or a company you never heard of. So why did I put my business and reputation in the hands of 3D, a stranger, a company I had never heard of?

While I was attending home inspection courses, I explored different ways to construct my reports. I felt a picture report was the way to go with a narrative to describe the conditions. When I started my inspection business, I wrote my reports utilizing my own fabricated report writer in Excel. I would insert pictures into various sections followed by check boxes and a paragraph. It worked, but it was primitive, time consuming and “the cheap way out”.

One particular evening, while attending an association meeting, there was a discussion about report writing software. The discussion included three major programs, including 3D. I took copies of all three demonstration programs.

I was amazed at what the programs offered and at the sample finished products. I was surprised at the versatility and adaptability, the customization possibilities. These samples made my reports look pale. Although the information was there, the professionalism was not. I decided I needed a change.

After a great deal of deliberation and research, I decided to wager my companies reputation on a “stranger”, with industry-leading credentials, 3D Inspection Systems and never looked back.

My report writing time significantly reduced, my reports became a superior product, thorough and complete, yet easy to read and easy to understand. I transcended the threshold of amateur to professional that was evident in my product and it didn’t stop there!

My eyes were opened to a whole new realm of inspection tooling. It wasn’t a screwdriver or a gas meter; it wasn’t a flashlight or a circuit tester, it was a “system”. 3D is so much more than just a report writer; rather it is an inspection system. It is a database for clients, a scheduler and an office manager. It is a complier of information and a source of data. It is not a tool; it is “the” tool. The ability to customize the forms, documents and reports makes 3D the ultimate driving machine amongst a sea of average vehicles.

My plain, drab reports have been transformed into insightful, superior products. I deliver my reports with pride and confidence; because I am assured my customers are receiving a superior and first-rate product that they can use now and in the future. Every time I quote a job, I tell the potential client to go to my website and view my sample report. That almost always inks the job. The report and its endless possibilities speak for themselves.

3D Inspection Services is no longer a stranger to me or my company; rather a partner in my success. Thank you 3D for assisting me to achieve my goals; to continuously improve and to be the best that I can possibly be.

Fred Duemig
Division Home Inspections, Inc.