Keith Standera had over 20 years experience in the home construction industry as a Master Electrician and carpenter in Western New York. He enjoys using a mobile device to inspect rather than using paper style reports as he used to. Keith gets numerous compliments from clients and agents about his professional narrative-style inspection reports.

“I purchased the 3D reporting software back in 2007. I cannot think of a way to spend money more wisely. This system has changed the way I conduct inspections. I am able to spend more time at the inspection observing conditions, and explaining what I see to my clients. With a point and click, I am able to move on to another area in the report quickly and easily. I used to use a paper report, shuffling from one page to another, usually with papers flying out of my clipboard, but with my [mobile device], I can move around the report seamlessly.

Once the inspection is completed, and the report needs to be written, all of the information is downloaded onto my PC and pictures are added. The great thing about the 3D system, is that you can modify comments and observations to fit your style. Point, click and the most common observations are already included in your report.

I like using narrative reports because it seems more personal to me and each and every one of my clients has a unique report, not some check marks. The addition of photos with arrows, circles or rectangles help to highlight problems that were observed. This feature really helps my clients see what I see and what or why it is wrong.

Once I started using the 3D system, the time to prepare each report reduced dramatically. These reports are easy to read, with photos and suggestions for repair and add a personal touch to my clients purchase.

I have been told by numerous clients and Real Estate Agents that my reports are the most detailed, professional reports that they have ever seen. As soon as I heard this, I knew that my purchase of the 3D inspection program was one of the smartest and best business decisions that I have ever made.

Thank You 3D for having such a great product.”

Keith Standera
Valley Home Inspections
Warsaw, NY