Lawrence A. Muhammad was a home inspection instructor with a particularly strong background in geothermal energy systems. Lawrence augmented his inspection reports with a few standard features of the 3D Inspection System software in order to succeed in the weak Detroit Michigan market, at the time glutted with high unemployment and foreclosures. As a result, he no longer had to advertise to get his share of the market. UPDATE: Lawrence seems to have since retired from the home inspection business.  Best wishes to you Lawrence!

Here in Michigan we have high unemployment, high volumes of foreclosures, and what was expected to be fewer and fewer home inspection opportunities… However, I began using the “Summary” as an added-value device for my inspection reports. At the same time, I began imbedding digital photos into the specific line item in the report, including the “arrows and circles”. These tools took my inspection business to a new level!!
I have been able to overcome the weakness in the market because I found a niche that includes out-of-town investors that are taking advantage of the foreclosure market from as far away as New Zealand. They are able to get detailed reports that include the summary and photos of the property. Their report is sent PDF so they are able to “walk-through” the property with me (so to speak) in front of their laptop, in the comfort of their home or office…

Added to this, the sensitivity of the 3D Inspection format to allow me to modify the report, while I am typing, lets me prepare new “inserts” that “personalize” the report for the client. I no longer have to advertise for local or international clients. Their real estate agents make sure that their local clients receive my information as “one of the three” preferred home inspection companies; and I get my share, allowing me to continue to provide for my family as the only stream of income.

“Thank-You!”, 3D Inspection Systems, for consistently upgrading your software to the great product it is today.

Lawrence Muhammad
Presidential Home Inspections, Inc.
Detroit, Michigan