Martin Lenich, who now owns an Inspect-It 1st franchise, worked for 20+ years for various international engineering & construction companies before becoming a home inspector.  He shares his story about getting started in the business and his increased success during the recent economic "down year".  

3D Inspection System Software has allowed me to develop precise report content in an easy to use, easy to modify framework.  Every year, the staff at 3D Inspection System exceeds my expectations regarding new systems, service offerings, and business integration, all while systematically reducing the time it takes me to produce a property inspection report that generates referrals for my business.

Having fallen victim to corporate layoffs in late 2002 after working for various international engineering & construction companies for 20+ years as a registered engineer, project manager and department manager, I had a lot of experience with the building code, code inspections and various types of specialized software.  When I decided not to return to that industry in 2003, but instead to look for a career at the convergence of real estate and technical applications, I opened a residential and commercial property inspection company in March 2004.

My first “technical” step (after exploring marketing/business issues) was to identify report writing software.  After an exhaustive analysis (hey, what can I say, I was trained as an engineer!) I locked in on 3D Inspection System software.  I wasn’t really worried about the content…what I focused on was the software itself and the ease of customizing the content.  Living in Arizona required software that was easily modified since we have a unique climate, resulting in construction approaches somewhat different than the rest of the country.  Also, the integration of my own ideas regarding report content, service offerings, and customization became heavily weighted criteria.

Coincidently, after a similar detailed analysis of independent startup vs. buying a franchise, I bought a franchise that also standardized around 3D Inspection System software.  This company developed a thorough formset that is recognized by many of my clients as being the best inspection report they have ever seen.

From my first month in business when I did four inspections, I quickly ramped up to a 300+ inspections per year pace in 10 months.  In the “down year” of 2008, I maxed out with a personal record 358 inspections and over $150K in fees (all without any employees, and 42 days of vacation).  This year, I’m planning to transition to a multi-inspector/employee firm with the help of 3D Inspection Systems software that facilitates multi employee companies.

I attribute at least 50% of my success to the quality of the reporting system provided by 3D Inspection System.  It is important from three aspects:

First, the report which the client ultimately reviews and retains has to be a well organized and readable document and received in a timely manner.  This allows me to spend valuable time focusing on future inspection opportunities and not answering questions about the report itself.

Second, it is very easy to use on a day to day basis.  The reporting system is efficient, allowing me to deliver many reports/week (my personal record is 14 in a five day work week).  The ability to use a PDA and print on site is very important to me and my clients and their realtors.  And the follow-on report delivery options are robust. 

Third, it must be simple to modify the underlying report and defaults, and include related systems that support marketing and accounting, as well as contain idiot-proof integration with other popular software packages. 

3D Inspection Systems Software was an invaluable tool for me when I started by property inspection business and continues to be beneficial as I grow my company.  The seasoned management and programmers at 3DI include things that make the final report better as well as save me time running my business (like Accounting software integration and Scheduling coordination).  New features are added at regular intervals based on extensive user feedback, and the features are not gimmicks, but meaningful service offerings designed to propel one’s inspection business forward.  I am very excited about the new version 11 that has not only focused on the core business of inspection reporting, but also added some great inspection-related services that will be profitable add-ons to my business.

I highly recommend 3D Inspection Systems software.

Martin Lenich, PE
Chief Inspector
Inspect-it 1st of Scottsdale, AZ