Peter Holzman, a Palm Springs, California area Certified CREIA Home Inspector, relates a dialog between himself and a local realtor in which the disparity between his reporting format and another local inspector became evident.

(Local Realtor)
“Hey Pete, I am so glad you are back from vacation”

“Thanks. Australia was great, but it’s good to be back. Is there a reason you are so glad to see me?”

“We had to call someone else for an inspection while you were gone, and it was a horrible experience.”

“Oh? Why is that? (Feeling pretty good right about now)”

“The other agent and I couldn’t read, much less understand, this guy’s report. We really missed your easy to understand format.”

“Well that’s great to hear, thank you.”……………………..

I have found that the 3D reporting system is much more than a work tool. It is the perfect relationship builder. A well laid-out, easily indexed, format pays great dividends when it comes to getting repeat business. On the client’s and agent’s end, the professional appearance provides instant credibility. I receive many compliments on my thorough, easy to read reports. (The thoroughness is many times the result of the various automated menus that “remind” me of something I may have overlooked)

Our role in a real estate transaction is hard enough sometimes, since we are not always viewed as the “good guy”. But I have found that the 3D system is so clear that it is easy to explain and corroborate my findings and as a result help establish my professionalism, so that the above conversation becomes more common than not.

Thanks 3D

Peter Holzman
Holzman Home Inspections
Idyllwild, CA