Rick Burkman, of Brownstone Property Inspections, in the upper midwestern area of the US enthusiastically shares how 3D Inspection System software helped him hone his inspection reporting skills. UPDATE: Rick seems to have retired from the home inspection business.  Best wishes to you Rick!

My 3D success story? My 3D Software is my business – it is the backbone, the structure, and the foundation of the work that I do each and every day – it has made my business the success that it is today.

When I opened my inspection business, almost seven years ago, I don’t think that I was fully prepared for the career that was unfolding in front of me. I could swing a hammer, drive a screw, and snap a chalk line, but those are skills of construction, the skills of building. Inspecting a home involves a different skill set - observation, testing, and prediction. Rather than trying to figure out how to put a home together, inspectors try to determine how it will age and, ultimately, how it will fail. We make assessments about what is happening below the paint and behind the drywall and we have to deliver that information to our clients in a manner that is positive, professional, and filled with optimism.

That is where my 3D Software shines. It takes me through every step of every inspection – nothing is overlooked and nothing is missed. Everything is logically presented so that a sequential and repeatable inspection is possible. The old days of erratic check marks and scribbled notes followed by pasted pictures of defects are gone. My 3D software allows me to import high quality digital photographs, sometimes as many as a hundred photos in a single report, to illustrate and document my findings. I don’t just tell my clients what is wrong with their new house – I document what is right with their new home so that they can fall in love with it all over again. Providing a high quality professional report has been the key to successfully communicating with my clients and that has allowed me to build the business that I have today.

It is my policy to call my clients one week after their on-site inspection – a simple follow-up call to answer any lingering questions or concerns they may have about their new property. The breadth and depth of information provided in the inspection report means that there are rarely any questions about the inspection, but there are always compliments: “You are so thorough” and “Wow! What a package!” and “I’ve seen a lot of inspections, but never anything like this!”

My success story is my business – hard work and 3D software create a professional package that can’t be beat. Like I said, 3D software is my business.

Rick Burkman
Brownstone Property Inspections, LLC