Ron Pazzanese, a long-time ASHI inspector in the Boston and Eastern Long Island areas, narrates how he impressed a client by letting him watch him prepare his report using 3D Inspection System software. Ron got over 39 referral inspections as a result of this one job alone!  UPDATE: Sadly Ron is now passed away, but we want to leave his success story as part of his legacy.

Ron Pazzanese“I had a client call me and ask how detailed was my report and how long it took to get after the inspection. When I told him I used an iPAQ hand held computer with 3D software and had him look at a sample report on my website, he hired me because he couldn't believe my report could be that good and that I could get it back to him the same day. He wanted to watch me use the software. Obviously he hired me and although I don't bring my laptop, I did so he could watch me create his report on site.

Not only was he happy about my inspection, but the report and how I was able to produce it in such a short time blew him away. Fortunately he worked in a tech company as a VP and told all his colleagues about his experience with the 3D software.

To date I have gotten over 25 inspections in the last year from his company and another 14 from friends of my clients.

Although I usually get compliments from clients and brokers during an inspection about the iPAQ & 3D software, this is the first time I have gotten so many more inspections from just the fact that I can produce a detailed inspection with pictures 20-40 pages and email it back usually that night.

I not only look professional but also cutting edge. It gives clients a comfort level and trust that I know what I'm doing.

Thank You 3D”

Ron Pazzanese
ASHI Certified Inspector and Owner
American Building Consultants, Inc.