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Current and Supported Versions

3D Inspection Systems current version is 12.2 series.  Prior versions are unsupported and often incompatible with newer computers.  Our x.y.z version 2nd number (y) designates a major series, while the 3rd (z) indicates a minor update.  Updating may require a new installer, generally available at no cost to subscribers, although we strongly recommend retaining your latest installer for convenience, stored off your computer along with your periodic data backups made within the software.
What version am I running?
View major changes when version 12 series were released.

Requirements for Current version 3D Inspection System desktop: Standard - Premier - Focus  

We may not be able to assist with unexpected technical issues on an unsupported OS, virtual environment, or obsolete versions.

Although 3D desktop software is not native to Apple's MacOS, some inspectors successfully use options like BootCamp or Parallels to run Windows on a Mac, which in turn can run the desktop 3D software.  3D does not keep such systems on hand and therefore cannot officially help with OS setup or adjustments.  This will ONLY work on Mac computers with the traditional Intel chip.  Note that some newer versions of Mac use the cheaper M series chips (M1, M2, etc.) that are not compatible with running BootCamp or Parallels for x86 based programs (Parallels on M is not compatible with 3D). For help with compatible devices, third-party assistance may be available: http://www.3dinspection.com/3d-add-ins/services/acu-spect.html   (see below for Apple mobile app compatibility).  Companion Mobile app for iPhone and iPad (see below) however is available for those types of devices.   Companion Mobile app cannot run on MacOS.

3D Inspection System software is designed and tested only for English versions of Windows.  Although custom inspection forms and content may be created for non-English inspections (except Asian languages), technical support and program menus are English-only. We do not test or officially support non-English or non-Windows setups.

Requirements for Mobile Apps: 3D Mobile Inspector

Optional 3D Mobile Inspector app companion uses Cloud3D Services to transfer reports to/from 3D Inspection System desktop. 
  • Minimum compatible devices:
    • Android 5.0+ with Google Play Store
    • IOS 10.3.3+ iPhone or iPad  (Note: App is not compatible with MacOS)
    • Windows 10+ tablet, in regular Windows or Windows S mode, with traditional or ARM based processors (both are compatible)
  • Internet needed for report transfers, but active connection is not required to work on reports downloaded to a device. 
  • A Cloud3D Services account is required for data transfer, activated separately but FREE to software subscribers
  • 3D Mobile Inspector app may only be available in US, AU, CAN, and NZ regions.
  • Requires a current version 3D Inspection System desktop software with internet access to customize inspection forms and send and receive reports.

 Note: Older "Phone3D" mobile app is deprecated and no longer supported.  Any use of the obsolete Phone3D app is at one's own risk, and may cease working at any time or communication issues could occur due to its older controls that cannot be updated.  To switch to the current app on a compatible device, upload any in-progress version 12 inspections to the cloud server, then uninstall Phone3D, next install the newer "3D Mobile Inspector", and then one may retrieve any in-progress reports back to the new app to continue.

Subject to terms provided to you by 3D Inspection Systems and Cloud3D Services. Your wireless carrier or internet provider may have other terms.  (Certain proxy servers may prevent direct access to IP addresses, or change information passing through servers so as to cause a communication error. Some networks may be set up to use proxies or similar technologies. We cannot support or control proxy internet servers that may cause such issues.)
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