3D kicked off its 25th anniversary celebration at this year's ASHI InspectionWorld conference, held January 4-7, 2012 at the Biltmore resort in Phoenix, AZ. 

 To get the party started, our booth was decked out with balloons, confetti, and party favors in the form of free gifts for anyone stopping by the booth to say Hi and wish us a happy anniversary.  Some may be surprised to learn that 3D Inspection System is their oldest, most respected inspection software solution.  There are now many inspection options available on the market today, but still only one software leader!

Our recently released Phone3D app for Android phones and tablets was prominently featured at this year's conference, drawing a large and consistent crowd of attendees, all anxious to see how nicely it works on the variety of tablets and phones we had available for hands-on use.  Everyone loves to play with new cutting edge technology!  The responses we received were enthusiastically positive, with one Phone3D inspector stopping by just to thank us for "making inspecting easy again".

If you haven't tried the Phone3D app on your Android or Windows Phone device, visit your app marketplace and download your copy.  Download and open a sample report to play with the interface.  Take photos directly into reports simply by tapping camera.  There's no limit to the number of photos that may be included for any particular item- just tap camera again to include extra photos or views.  Visit our Phone3D information webpage.  Phone3D is compatible with any current edition of 3D Inspection System software.

Visit our special Silver Anniversary information page for details and to learn more about how 3D Inspection Systems got its start when in the inspection industry was still in its infancy. Browse our time-line that emphasizes important developments in computer and portability technology that has shaped our entire world today, along with select 3D Inspection System company highlights throughout the years.  We know a few old-timers, ahem... or shall we more appropriately say "very experienced" inspectors will remember many of those events, although many have since retired to make way for the next generation of professional inspectors.

We wish all of our early supporters and new inspectors alike continued success in their various endeavors, and we are proud to continue making your inspection software tools easier than ever!