3D Focus powerful software solutions from 3D Inspection Systems are focused on specific needs. They combines “best of breed” powerful 3D software engine, along with industry tested form solutions from affiliates who have developed content to target or "focus" on a particular inspection type or needs of a particular local. Examples include specialized residential, commercial, mold inspection solutions, marine surveys, and others.

Focus editions provide a setup designed to get you started doing inspections right out of the box… Use along with included optional mobile apps for field use.   Focus editions include the most popular 3D Inspection Software features and user friendly characteristics, including:

Setup Wizard - Quick initial company set up for automatically merging into reports and documents.

Data Collection Options - Empowers you to use a variety of devices. Use phones or tablets to collect inspection data, then review and deliver reports from your regular PC.  Or create your entire inspection on a portable Windows tablet or laptop.  Or just use your desktop PC.

Customized Screen Panes- Adjust screen panes best suited for certain tasks, and then Save them as Action favorites.

Efficient Workflow - Office Management enables quick capture of basic job information, contacts, and services when you book your jobs, ready to create linked inspection reports and merge information. 

Demographically specific- Focus was designed to target your main interest, using forms designed by inspection experts in various fields or industries. Residential, commercial, new construction, or others.  Get the content you need to get started with minimal effort and setup, at an entry level price you can afford!

Single Screen Interface- Data entry remains consistent for all forms, saving you time, regardless of how the final report might be printed or look.  Report Writer streamlines data entry by letting you see where you are and what you have inspected, with easy jumps to any form section.

Expandable- Focus products are designed to include the popular tools needed for professional inspection reporting by single-inspector firms.  Additional content may be directly created or customized as one's needs expand, or added to the software via free downloads or content available from other users.  As one's business expands, software features themselves may also be enhanced by upgrading to editions designed to accommodate multi-inspector firms, more advanced options, or interfaces to other software like accounting packages.  Focus users may upgrade their software edition at any time, building on the existing content already designed for their particular expertise or area of the country.  See our Feature Comparison chart for details about the software features in various editions.

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Franchises that use 3D Inspection System software

In addition to special Focus Solutions available for direct purchase by any inspector, various franchises also have developed private products focused on their own franchisee needs.  These contain their own copyrighted custom branded content, ready to go!  Franchise members receive their own copy of 3D-powered software specially prepared for their business.  New Franchises interested in creating branded products for their members with volume pricing options should contact 3D Inspection Systems for more information.  Inspectors wishing to obtain a franchise opportunity may directly contact franchise headquarters. Here's what some franchises have said about their 3D Inspection System software products-

The BrickKicker - Web Site
"For years, the 3D Inspection System has proven to be the right choice for The BrickKicker® nationally. The home inspection business is evolving and 3D continues to be committed to the ongoing developments of our industry. By networking with industry experts and through the talent of their professional programming team, 3D Inspection System continues to be on the cutting edge of data collection and inspection reporting software that meets and exceeds industry expectations."

-- Linda Schramm
Former Director of Franchise Operations
       The BrickKicker

"In 1999 I took a team of Franchise executives and a software engineer to one of the National Conferences. Our goal was to interview all of the major software firms with the hopes of finding one who will work with us. We needed to have someone’s product look like ours. Our system was no longer viable. After looking at each of the others we all decided 3D was the one which would give us all of the options without losing our identity. Fast forwarding to now, I own a home inspection consulting firm. It is my responsibility to give my clients the advice they are looking for. I currently have over 12 software products in my computer. I have looked at each of them, I have operated each of them, the one which I perform my inspections with is 3D. The thing which I like the most is the speed. From the time I plug my camera into the computer until the time I am hitting print I am able to produce a quality and custom 30+ page inspection report in under 30 minutes. This not only giving me a superior product to give my clients by quality of life for my family.  Gone is the two hour inspection report."

-- Rob Clause, Lifeline Inspections and Consulting, Inc.

Inspect-It 1St - Web Site
"Our franchise uses 3D inspection software exclusively, we find the capability and flexibility of 3D products allows us to produce a report that sets us apart from the competition. We issue our own updated custom forms for our inspectors annually, which is important in keeping abreast with the dynamics in the inspection profession, other software is not so easy to issue these updates.

So much easier to train our new inspectors; this product is formatted with the beginning inspector in mind. Form sets are available from a local distributor in your area, no more spending countless hours formatting form sets to comply with your regional area. Forms formatted for the area you live in will accentuate your reporting capabilities. No other software is so versatile."

-- Roger Skaggs
Report Director
Inspect-it 1st Franchising Corporation