After spending nearly a year in beta Test Drive status, the long-awaited new version 12 of 3D Inspection System software is now in the process of being rolled out to current subscribers. Version 12 brings simplification and focus on ease of use to Office Management with its new screen designs and database structure. With thousands of subscribers slated to receive the upgrade, information about receiving it will be emailed in controlled batches, starting with Premier edition subscribers.

As you may know, our focus has been on Office Management, with a complete redesign and new SQL database, and focus on more intuitive use of the proper workflow. Premier users now have the ability to customize all the field labels on their Job Details tab, while Standard and Focus editions will be gaining additional fields there. Standard and Focus edition users may of course optionally choose to upgrade to a Premier edition to gain further customization options.

Although Microsoft ended all mainstream support of Vista back on April 10, 2012, the new Version 12 is still able to run on a minimum OS of Vista SP2, provided windows is working properly. However anyone still using old XP machines (for which Microsoft previously ended support) will need to either upgrade its OS to use the new version, or simply consider obtaining a newer faster computer, since the components used by Version 12 are not compatible with XP.

Of note, the new version can only convert Office Management databases already in 11.4.x format, so you will also want to verify you already have 11.4.x installed and not anything old. Use Help > About3D to check.

Check out the What's New information on your main program welcome pane area to learn more about new features and abilities in Version 12, and any "Before" and "After" upgrading steps. Visit also our YouTube channel for a sneak preview demonstrating a few basic Version 12 operations.

We urge all users to take the time right now to prepare to receive version 12, so you'll be ready for your copy. Note that although we will be sending version 12 upgrade email notices in batches, if you've completed the upgrade checklist below and are ready for your copy, you may let 3D Inspection Systems know in order to receive an expedited copy.


  Make sure you are running Vista SP2 or higher. In Windows click Start and right-click Computer to access Properties to verify which version of Windows you are running.

 Run Windows Updates to make sure all Service Packs and other updates for your copy of Windows have been installed. In Windows click Start > All programs > Windows Update.

Note that having windows updates set to automatically update your computer does not mean all updates are applied, so you should still check manually. There may also be optional updates you may want to install (if any are .NET or SQL related, we recommend applying them). In addition, some windows updates may not appear or become available until previous updates or service packs are applied. Thus after applying updates and restarting, check again to make sure no new ones appear.

 Use Help > About3D to verify your currently installed version number. ONLY Office Management database information from version 11.4 series can be properly converted into the new version.

Prior version 11.3 or earlier databases cannot be imported. If you still have a prior version series installed on your computer, you will FIRST need to upgrade to 11.4- contact 3D Inspection Systems now about doing so.

 Review all What's New information including the "Before" and "After" steps and watch all videos linked to various What's New items so you know what to expect.  (In the right pane of your program, click the Getting Started Guides section to access a link to What's New.)

 You may use one of the contact forms on our website to let 3D know you've completed the upgrade checklist and are ready for your copy of 12 now!  Or you may wait for your emailed invitation if you prefer.